Limited Quest not showing

I don't really understand why. It was showing on my other characters and I made a new character so I can level it up using the limited quest. At first, I thought it was just some sort of level requirement but as soon as I hit level 50, the limited quest is still not showing so I checked my other characters and saw the limited quest's lowest level requirement is level 8 so I do not really understand why it is not showing up in my new character.


Are all of your characters on Episode 5? Check in Quest Counter > Change Settings > Switch Episodes on every one of them.

@RemiliaScarletX newly created characters always have to start from scratch, it's common to most games that have a create character feature

@coldreactive Funny that I accidentally signed in on my Microsoft account instead of my Steam but yes, all my character are at Episode 5.

The JP counterpart of this quest requires to clear ARKS quest "Suppress Za'udan" (the very first ARKS quest) as a prerequisite, but I'm not sure if this holds true in the global server too.

it did this to me too i think there is a bug where characters created after maintenance wont have the LQ option i rly hope they fix this

@Fiona-Respha i tried this it didnt work

did you ever find out what was going on cause I got this now and its driving me nuts.

9 characters, for whatever reason my level 60 hero cant access limited quests, every other character can

@PandaKittenFace-0 From my experience, your character has to have cleared the Forest Expedition at least once to unlock Limited Quests. Since Expedition Quest unlocks are account-wide, it is easy enough for one of your characters to have never run certain ones.

@AndrlCh oh wow.. yeah that was it. my lvl 60 never finished a run of forest lol

thank you, i was going nuts comparing finished client orders between all my characters