Hi Guys

I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on why I am constantly getting error NP1002 when playing PSO2.

I have been playing for 60+ hours so far with no issues.

I have been away from the game for a couple of months, and on coming back to it a few days ago, I have been getting NP1002 on a regular basis. The error comes up within 10-60 or so minutes of me logging into the game. It could be in the lobby or in the middle of a mission.

I used the Discord to upload my Gameguard files, to see if it could pinpoint if I had anything installed which would be causing the error. This highlighted MSI Afterburner as a potential issue, so I closed it while PSO2 was running. Nope, it crashed after about 45 mins of play.

I have set all of the recommended exceptions in Windows Defender as well, just in-case it was getting in the way.

I am at a loss at this point. If anyone has any further ideas, anything would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance 🙂