Augmenting this Atlas Als EX

So I just got my free atlas ex and i firgured it would be best to upslot it so when i go to do it i see that the SSAs are 100% so im wondering if it would be best to get all my SSAs before upslotting it to increase the chances or would that be a terrible idea?

Always get all your SSAs before upsloting, yes.

@AwkwardSatori Should I have it on the weapon im upslotting or on a fodder weapon to be used later? Really dont wanna screw this up lol

Your SSA can't fail, making it easier to upslot. 🙂

@Silent-B3TA Here's what I'd do:

  1. Transfer an S1, S2, and S3 onto your Atlas Ex using the S-grade transfer option at Monica/Dudu.
  2. Then affix it using 100% success junk augments (e.g. Might 1) but do not upslot yet. When you add these junk augs you'll see an option to add S4: Lifesteal which is the Atlas Ex gunblade SAF. Add this to your weapon.
  3. At this point you should have an S1, S2, S3, S4 and 2 junk augs on your Atlas Ex (my memory is that the campaign one comes with 6 slots).
  4. Upslot keeping your S1-S4 and add 3 100% success junk augs. You'll also want a 40% augmentation aid item from the Ex-cube shop (100 cubes).

Extra - If you have a lot of meseta you could buy two 6-slot weapons affixed with Augment Guidance on the Player Shop and add this to your Atlas Ex in Step 2 using a 40% aug aid (the boost week 10% will make this a guaranteed transfer). This will increase the chance of success while upslotting to 7-slots by 5% for each of your 3 non-S-augs.

@Rang-Dipkin Should I use the S-grade augs from the two freebie gunblades, or should I hunt for better?

@Kodiakmax-101 Whoops, I thought you were OP and wrote this whole long thing about those augs and upslotting that may not be useful so I'll put it at the bottom.

As for your question, I don't remember what augs they were exactly, but iirc they were in the PP regen family. If so, I could see them being useful depending on your class, your max PP from units/rest of weapon, or your goal for the weapon (e.g. many ppl talk about making their Lightsteam/Trailblazer weapon into a PP battery that they swap to when there's a lull in a fight or they gotta refill fast for an upcoming DPS phase). If you can give a few details on your goals for the weapon and budget for upgrading, I might be able to give more specific advice. Though full disclosure I'm not a JP vet and have mainly focused on optimizing a katana Braver.

If you were asking in reference to upslotting with those augs, I'd say to definitely upslot during boost week, but that you could wait until the end to hunt for better S-augs if you're low on meseta. However, the nice thing about S-augs is that you can transfer them individually without having to re-affix your entire wrapon 🙂

This means you could put on whatever ones you have now as placeholders just to improve your upslotting chances. And then, after upslotting, you can even affix your final non-S-augs without fear of losing them later.

The only downside is that when you find better S-augs you'll have to use the switch S-aug option at Monica/Dudu (forget the actual name). This allows you to swap, for example, your Atlas's S1 with say the S1 on a Val weapon. However, the cost will be significantly higher than if you chose the other S-aug transfer option and replaced Might 1 on your Atlas with the S1 on the Val weapon (though the Val weapon would lose a slot in this process). For reference, when I swap S-augs on my 8-slot Atlas it costs around 1.9M meseta, but it might be cheaper for 7-slots.

@Rang-Dipkin Thanks, I'm almost clueless about augmenting, this amswers a few questions I've had. The upgrade week is why I'm asking. I have the two gunblades and a Val talis with S1 + crit chance and S3 +crit damage.

@Kodiakmax-101 No worries man, I was overwhelmed when I first looked into affixing but got the hang of it after wasting millions of meseta on mistakes 😉 Although now I'm trying to figure out the best way to make the super duper augments (i.e. components for guardian soul) and feel like I'm back at square one again, haha.

But thanks for the info! If you have a class in mind for your Atlas Ex I'll try to find the meta S-augs to hunt. But in general, if you're using a class that can get to 100% crit rate from their skill tree (e.g. Braver), then your S3 Precision Will will result in optimal DPS (4%) for that slot at this point in time. However, if you can't get to 100% crit rate you may be better off with something like S3 Aggressive Will (unconditional 2% extra dmg), Dynamo Dance (3% dmg while using different PAs w/ perfect attacks), or Persistent Fury (4% dmg, 5% crit rate, and PP restore until you get hit and then there's a 3min cool down). You can check out all the S-augs we have available here, and you can switch to the JP guide to see the ones we'll have in the future.

@Rang-Dipkin Thanks, I'm looking to build a weapon for Phantom, debating between rod and rifle.

@Kodiakmax-101 Ahh, good call, I'm excited for the new classes too, but unfortunately haven't read up much on their builds yet.

However, I've heard that Rod Phantom will probably be the meta in endgame content because apparently the rifle weak point dmg bonus gets nerfed/eliminated when you play on Ultra Hard difficulty (can a JP vet confirm?). So, personally, I might just keep the free Atlas Ex at 6-slots and turn it into a rod with S1-S4 + Elegant Tech capsule & a cheap SAF you already have (e.g. Phrase Weak, Astral Soul, or Tech 6 depending on your stockpile of Rising Weapon Badge 4s/Aether fuses). I'd use this as my main weapon until I could finish my Trailblazer rod or get the Liberate/Rivalate in Ep 6 and then I'd change my old Atlas Ex rod into a rifle and re-affix those last 2 slots with Precision damage.

The other thing I've seen a lot is that you want at least 200PP to get the most out of the Phantom skill tree. So, depending on your units, you may want to affix more PP on your weapon as opposed to tech attack. And from a quick Google it looks like Phantom should be able to achieve 100% crit rate so long as your Right ring is the critical strike one (I'd start working on making the composite ring that gives you a boost for all 3 dmg types).

Getting to 100% crit rate means that if you want to max damage right now you can use S1: Precision Will (3%), S2: Precision Will 2 (4%), and S3: Precision Will (4%). For the S4 I'd put on Lifesteal from the Atlas Ex Gunblade's SAF before changing the weapon category to Rod even if you don't want to use it so that you can transfer it to another Atlas Ex later and save it for the future. It looks like one of the best S4s for Rod Phantom is called "Raising Pursuit" on JP, but that won't come until Ep 6 (most likely UH seasonal UQs). For now, if you don't want Lifesteal, you could use the S4 from a Partisan Atlas Ex (Victo) called Photon V Adaptation which would increase PP regen and reduce PP cost by 8% if you have 200PP (formula for the aug is (your PP - 120) * .1). However, this would require making another Atlas Ex and if you go this route I'd try to buy an 8-slot Val weapon and turn that into your main weapon while keeping the free 6-slot Ex for your rifle.

@Rang-Dipkin Already there with the comp crit ring. I've heard about the range nerf, kinda like 'Why?' Thanks for the advice on augs, definately gonna grab Lifesteal (might as well since it is there).