Can't unblock/unblacklist?

Someone in my Alliance "accidentally" blocked/blacklisted me last night and our Alliance Leader says it won't let him unblock me. Is this a bug or does he have to wait some amount of time before doing so? Help is really appreciated here.

@Hatsodoom I haven't had that issue. Remove from blacklist always works fine for me.

Great help...

@Hatsodoom Don't know what to tell you. Are you sure it was an accident? Are you friends outside of the game?

Yeah no one has ever heard of not being able to unblacklist someone. You go to friends then tab over to blocked list then click their name and the option to remove them from your blocklist appears. So, it sounds to me as if this person doesn't actually want to unblock you and did so on purpose. Can't find another reasonable explanation for it. If your friends outside the game then go over to their house or screenshare on discord to try to solve the problem together. Otherwise, you might wanna just find a new guild.

It does sound like they’re just pulling your leg, no one else has this issue.

Supposedly I'm not even ON this blacklist, but he can't hear me. I can hear him just fine though. He's on Xbox and I'm on Steam, but now I'm just thinking he's screwing with me so yah, jerk.

Well if it's vocal that's a different story. My Fiance had a hard time getting programs to work right to talk to his guild leader. At the time the leader was on X-box and he was playing the Microsoft store version. That could be anything from equipment failure to "cause technology says screw you"

@Vexation said in Can't unblock/unblacklist?:

Yeah no one has ever heard of not being able to unblacklist someone.

That was a problem before they switched away from the Xbox Live backend, wasn't it?

Mira, I've only been playing since after the steam release. So all intents and purposes I'm pretty new. Most of what I know has come from the forum, friends who play the game, and random guides and google searches. Even then, if this was a thing before it doesn't seem to be a thing now. I've asked people who've played longer than me and no one else seems to of ran into the issue of not being able to unblacklist someone. @Miraglyth

@Hatsodoom Voice chat is hit and miss, always has been. Steam and Xbox is also cross play, and the compatibility may be a bit finicky and exacerbate the already buggy chat.