PSA: Dark Revelry Consumes Starlight leechers


Makes sense, thanks. It was just weird seeing “limited time” but no date on the event page for it. I’ll miss it, it’s really fun!

@ShadowBlood89 Just another argument going around in circles. Thanks for stating the obvious though.

@Milk - The quest boost campaign says it's til December 22nd and Dark Revelry is listed as a way to get the quest boost. So I would guess we have it till then.

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Oh! I was looking on the actual event page for the quest, not the boost campaign. Thanks, that helps a lot.

I know that's the first place a looked too and there wasn't a shred of info about a date range. But I KNEW I saw it somewhere. Glad I could help.

we have/had plenty of keys...more than enough to get all classes to at least 85...if somebody wants his class 90 for whatever reason it will most probably be his main/sub class hence they should be using a somewhat "good weapon"....going into any XH quest if its trigger or whatever can/should be considered leeching if theyre using a sigma launcher and auto attack all day...if ppl say "they wanna learn a new class" well cant learn that class with a sigma launcher...its so easy to get 14* weapons and do dmg but i still see lv "80" ppl using sigma launcher for persona? lol i tho that meme died months ago.....if an alliance mate asks for it if he can join for leeching/doing nth im fine to run stuff with him that i would run alone anyways - like BWE

I don't have less than a 13 star are any class that can equip it. A level 80 really shouldn't be using a 12 star are lower your right. Also why would you be "learning" a new class if your level 80? I'm trying to get other classes to 75 for account bonus and even then always have the highest level weapon I can equip. Also 14* Occuld weapons are fairly inexpensive and the limited lifesteal on them (unlimited lifesteal for my bouncer muahahahahha) makes them a very nice weapon to have.

@Vexation said in PSA: Dark Revelry Consumes Starlight leechers:

Also why would you be "learning" a new class if your level 80?

Due to how subclasses work, you can currently get them power-leveled up to Level 70 without actually touching them as a main class. From here you can easily run something like Advance Quests or Bonus Quests using simple weapons (like Sigma Bastad) to cheaply walk through everything and level up further.

When the level cap gets raised this means we will see likely even more people attempt to walk into Extra Hard quests (which will become less relevant in the context of Ultra Hard coming around) using their subclasses. My impression of a lot of these players are that these are the same people who bragged about how easy it was to level up by holding the left mouse button, alt+tabbing out of the game, and then checking back on their progress on an Advance Quest to move on and repeat to talk about their hard work and effort they put into leveling or that they are the same players who run into the corners on Buster Quests to leech off of the efforts of other players and throw a fit when they get called out.

You also are still learning a class at high lvl because your skill tree unlocks fancy new skills you didn’t have before. Granted I think it’s mostly players who cheesed it and don’t know how their class works but there are exceptions.

Off the top of my head I know Hero has a skill at 85 that changes gameplay a bit.

Ahh yeah well their kinda cruddy to begin with then. I go to expeditions by myself to learn new class mechanics. Or I put the class I'm thinking about using on an alt that's low level. Use it on there and once I got it switch my main to it. I wouldn't put others through my learning curve if it was possible. Once I feel more confident then I enter Buster/UQ's . If the mechanics don't work right I alter strategy and try again. Specially since expeditions are super easy mode compared to some UQ's so don't really put a class through their paces but it's fine for genera learning.

I had one experience where someone had auto-follow turned on but would only cast Resta if they got hurt, but otherwise would not attack or contribute to the run.

I have no idea why people want to leech in these runs, but I'd say setting up auto-follow or a bot is a new low.