Title translation error

Translation of the title for achieving a score of 70,000,000 solo in endless battle: edge of recollection is incorrect. 'Forever Party' is the name of the title that is given for getting 135,000,000 in quartet mode of endless recollection.


Yeah this is definitely either a Translation Error or a "oops we put the title in the wrong spot" error.

I wonder what the 135 million Party title is called then.

Bumping this -- I'm sure you know already but it's still not fixed. Just got my "Forever Party" title too which makes it seem like I actually have friends.


Eternal Loner is translated correctly, by the way. Yyw89 on twitter managed to get it using techer buffs, doesn't think it's possible without whale tier gear at the moment or a ton of ultimate boosters for liberate weapons.


What's interesting is apparently the same error of translating the title to "Forever Party" happened on the ARKS Layer fan translation on JP at first, though. I wonder what exactly caused this coincidence.

Bumping this again.

I got the actual Forever Party the other day, and that title is correct, but now I have two Forever Party titles, which is obviously incorrect.

alt text

Bumping this, still bugged.