Incorrect Erebite Fragments Received?

So, when I started doing The Maleveolent Void, I think I was getting 4 or 5 Void Fragments per run before I capped out the quest link boost. However, with that, Premium, Rare Drop Lv 8 from a photon tree, maxed daily boost, Rare Drop Rate 200%, Triboost 100%, Roasted Turkey, and Shifta Drink Premium 2, I only got 3 Erebite fragments from an Extremely Hard run. Something has gotta be broken here as Anamana was talking about getting 5 per run and rare item boosts were supposed to help with the number received. Can somebody look into this or tell me what I'm doing wrong, please?

RDR Boosts don't help. Doing the 4-man Trigger (Yellow Icon, not green Quest party Type) on Normal can get you 10+ without any boosts.