Error 816!?!?

I have error code 816 and it says my account is suspended and to contact support. this all happened because I went to buy AC through steam on a new gaming laptop, and a new account. It flagged me for fraud so I got banned on steam then when I tried to play pso2 I was banned/suspended (I'm not sure if there is a difference) on there as well since then steam has lifted the ban and gave me access back to my steam account but PSO2 has not.

has anyone had this happen to them or know if I will ever get my account back?

Same thing happened to me yesterday. I posted over in the "Service Status" forum. Still have not heard back from support.

Same thing happened to me, and i still haven't gotten my game back, i just got the game and had high hopes, was even planning to spend money on it if it was good. Didn't even get past the tutorial.

Ever since Sega started this policy on cracking down on RMT users and payment scammers, there have been a handful of players caught in these ban waves. Flagged for fraud, huh? Ooof, that's tough because Steam doesn't face the same problems that Sega probably does with actual fraud accounts interacting with real players and the PSO2 economy.

It would be nice if something would be done about this. My brother has been unable to play for an entire week because of this. If his account is permanently banned, then sadly I will not be playing any more, either. Really sucks, especially when both of us have put in thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars into this game, and have been lifelong fans of the Phantasy Star series.

update I still havent heard back from them but someone I met in a youtube video said it took them six months to figure out that this is a permanent ban if you have error code 816 you might as well make a new account. the crazy part is my account was only 3 days old im more mad at the fact they stole $60 from me.

You could always contact your bank for a refund.

In any case, making a new account isn't really an option considering my brother has put over 1000 hours into the game on his main character alone.

@Sinow oh i did i charged them back and said it was fraud so sega will have fun paying those fees lol, but yeah the account is gone i have another and im using a vpn so i cant be traced or banned for whatever reason again this forum account im on now is the one that got banned in game.

Yep. If his account is permanently suspended then we will both stop playing the game completely and SEGA will have lost two loyal, life-long customers.

It sucks but I'm not going to give my time and money to a company who will not even listen to an appeal to overturn an unjustified ban.

@Sinow the worse part about it all is they are banning the wrong people its annoying. these chinese assholes are still spamming away about buying their meseta online and they dont get banned.

Yep. Bots spamming /toge constantly. I've reported hundreds of them but nothing is stemming the flow of them. And then my brother gets banned for something Steam did. This ban system is very expedient, isn't it?

I just came back to the game, i couldn't play because of school I haven't played since 17 october But why did i get banned? Today i just tried to play again but, first i got an error and after that i just got the 816

@whatsanemailagain I doubt they would need to know your ip to ban you again... just keep charging back your purchases, they'll get to you in time. lol

Update they finally reached out to me almost 3 weeks later and they said they cant do anything to help and that this process will take some time due to how complex it is. In other words if you have an 816 you are better off making a new account.

I got the same email a couple days ago. I really don't see how this is complex. Purchase Made > Steam Restricted > PSO2 Banned > Steam Unrestricted > ???PSO2 Unbanned??? Surely the account history shows this. I don't think this is very complex if you have an actual customer service team.

Never seen a game company kick someone out for trying to give them money, before. But what do I know?