Anyone else experience error code 816!?!

I have error code 816 and it says my account is suspended and to contact support. this all happened because I went to buy AC through steam on a new gaming laptop, and a new account. It flagged me for fraud so I got banned on steam then when I tried to play pso2 I was banned/suspended (I'm not sure if there is a difference) on there as well since then steam has lifted the ban and gave me access back to my steam account but PSO2 has not.

has anyone had this happen to them or know if I will ever get my account back?

You might try putting this in the support section

I think a GM would be more likely to see it there. Did you also file a ticket to get someone to look into it?

@Vexation yeah its been about 4 days since i submitted the ticket ive seen some forums where people waited six months to find out they were permabanned. but those people admitted to RMT and using third party programs. my case on the other hand all i tried to do was buy AC on a new gaming laptop and got punished for it.