Another Suspension 816 Thread

Edit 05/26:

Looks like my account got unbanned at some point between February and now.

I see there are a couple other topics with this issue, but I felt like I should make my own. I bought AC this morning for the affixing scratch, and didn't think anything of it until I tried to switch characters and the game said my account had an issue. When I closed the game, Steam said it detected some suspicious activity and restricted my account. When I wrote a ticket to Steam, they got back to me within an hour, with a reply that was basically, "Woops, my bad lol. We fixed it."

Now, my Steam account is fine, but I'm getting a Suspension 816 message when trying to log into PSO2. I wrote a ticket in the (I think) correct place on this site after some navigation, but have heard nothing yet. I'm not expecting to hear back today since it's a holiday, but that means it's going to be at least one whole day my premium goes to waste for some issue I had no control of.

Edit 12/03:

After a week of no response, I'm pretty much giving up hope on this. I don't want to spam this forum, so I won't be posting about my suspension anymore, unless someone wants to have a conversation about it. But I wanted to post what I feel is relevant "evidence". Not because I think it'll help my case, but because I'm hoping it'll help someone else who is in a similar situation understand why it's happening to them, since itโ€™s pretty obvious that no concrete information will ever be given out about this kind of issue.

Thursday morning, I bought $50 worth of AC for the affixing scratch. After purchasing and doing a couple pulls on the scratch, I switched characters and got this error:


When I closed the game, I had a pop-up message from Steam saying that my account had an issue, and that a restriction had been placed on my account, stopping me from making any purchases. I contacted Steam, and they got back to me in about an hour (on Thanksgiving) and lifted the restriction:


They didn't specify, but I'm assuming the restriction happened because, when I first went to purchase the AC, I accidentally added it to my cart twice, and cancelled it before adding the money to my Steam Wallet. The cancelled transaction showed up as a failed transaction in my history:


After that was resolved with Steam, I immediately received an 816 when trying to log into PSO2.


for some issue I had no control of.

Do you use any sort of monitoring program that hooks into games? This can include fraps (If you happen to use that for whatever reason.) I'd also recommend turning off Borderless Gaming if you have that on steam.

This would be the place to contact them if you don't think you put it in the right place: (You login to it with steam/xbox like you do with the forum.)

I don't use Fraps or anything like that. The only thing I use for the game is the tweaker, but I don't think that would affect it.

And thanks, that looks like where I went. And then "Submit A Request" on the top right, and "Account Inquiry".

I found the "Ban Appeal" form, so I went ahead and submitted another ticket under that. I'm sure the first ticket was fine, but I'm just starting to get worried reading about other peoples' bans with no response from the team. I've invested a lot into PSO2, so it'll be really sad if this doesn't get resolved. Guess it's just time to be patient.

@BlueRadley if you didn't do anything that bends the rules of pso2 then your account should be restored to normal so as you said just sit tight and be patient for now

I'm just posting here to throw in support for my brother in this matter. We've played countless MMOs together and between the two of us have put nearly 2000 hours into this game. I can personally attest that he would never participate in any illicit activities. It would really be appreciated if someone would be able to investigate this matter and get back to us! Thanks!

It's been a week, and I feel like I've been patient. I've submitted a ticket every day to try and keep from getting buried under other requests, I've posted in this and other forums, messaged @GM-Deynger , and even wrote a ticket on which I saw someone else suggest. I haven't heard a reply on any of it.

I'm pretty bummed out and frustrated at this point, thinking about all the things I've missed over this last week. I don't get why they have a system in place that automatically perma-bans people. If they don't have the time to do any real investigation, then their banning system shouldn't be automatic, or it should be a temporary suspension until they do have time.

I just don't understand. Now, whenever I see their "Actions Taken for Dishonest Acts" posts, I'm wondering how many of those people actually deserved it.

Hope no one else gets hit by this.

Same. I've seen posts like these crop up all over these forums, the PSO2 Discord server, and on Reddit. So I know that he's not the only one affected by this. Please, support team, you need to address this or you are going to lose a lot of loyal customers for life. I have also messaged @GM-Deynger and sent a tweet to @play_pso2 to no avail. I get that the support team is probably very busy, but I'm really disappointed by the lack of any response whatsoever, especially when it means that legitimately innocent players are being locked out of their accounts permanently with no explanation at all.

I've played PSO on the Dreamcast, PSOBB, SWTOR, ESO, and several other MMOs with @BlueRadley and this would be the first game in 20+ years of gaming that he's ever been banned in. PLEASE help us out. As Phantasy Star fans since the Sega Genesis days, we want to continue playing PSO2. We waited 8 years for this game to come to Global and have tried to support it with our time and pocketbooks. It would be a real shame to have to step away from the game now. ๐Ÿ˜ž

I'm a fresh new player who played for 11 hours ( in the same day I finish download this game from steam) and get suspended too. Last action was AFK away to dinner.

Support team only give those auto-replies.

@Kanadede was your character in the the field or the lobby at the time

Very disappointing to hear. GM Deynger PMed me back and basically said there's nothing he can do. I don't think I've ever seen anybody get an 816 reversed. This really sucks.

SEGA obviously has a bunch of dickheads working for them

I wouldn't go that far, but I don't even know if the GMs even look at these threads, to be honest. I don't think I've ever seen any reply to any of these types of threads in the Support section. Even if they did reply, I don't think there's much they can do since all account status issues are handled by their support team company which is completely different from SEGA of JP or NA. It's a very hands-off and uninvolved approach, and innocent people are losing their accounts because of it.

I'm going to continue tweeting at @play_pso2 every day because that's the only way I know of to try to help out. But I feel like we are screaming into the void and nobody will ever listen. It has really destroyed my desire to even play this game at all, even if my brother's account were to be unbanned. I was looking forward to playing Phantom and Etoile, too. This is hands-down the worst experience I've ever had with a support team in any game ever. I'm sure they're busy but this is a very serious matter and we are not the only ones affected by it.

@TURION-MOONSTAR i think was exploring the cafeteria halfway and then i went for my dinner

@Kanadede then you were wrongfully suspended unless someone else in the house went to your computer and did something illegal while you were eating