PSO2 support had got to be the worst I've ever seen

2nd time I've purchased AC and never received anything, first time I sent them a ticket and got blanked for 3 weeks before I just contacted microsoft for a refund. It's happened to both my friends and they've been blanked for HALF A YEAR. Happened to me again and I can't wait to be blanked. Y'all seriously need to get your stuff together, I understand it's a pandemic but not getting a ticket resolved for HALF A YEAR is completely unacceptable.

Fun fact: Mabinogi (Nexon USA) had a 6 month waiting period.

Yes, really. I was contacted by e-mail from them 6+ months after I submitted a ticket.

@coldreactive Lol it's hilarious how bad their support system is, considering the amount of money they must be taking in it's pathetic.

I haven't had any problems except initially when everyone else had problems back when MS Store's version launched, however. After switching to steam I've never gotten a single problem, ever.

I've yet to need to place a ticket, here or on JP. I assume it can't be worse than Elsword kek.

Sorry about your AC tho, try spamming tickets lol.