Ps02 [np1013] Assistance Please.

Please help. I want to play the game but thanks to Error [np1013] I can't for more than 10 - 20 minutes

  • I've already tried:
  1. Excluding the Exe's and Tweaker from Windows Defender.
  2. Deleting Game Guard Folder and reinstalling.
  3. Turning all my startup apps off.
  4. Turning off Nvidia Overlay.
  5. Joining this Tweaker discord and submitting my npgm.erl file for assistance.
  6. Starting Ps02 with it being the only application running.
  7. Completely removing any applications that potentially trigger Game Guard.
  8. Submit a ticket requesting support.
  9. Installing both the Steam and Window’s version of Ps02.
  10. Closing any unknown/ unneeded process displayed in Task manager and services using System Configuration.
  11. Updating windows and NVidia drivers.

Thanks in advance.

Did you turn off discord overlay if you're using it?

Yeah, both discord and Steam overlay is off.

Did you try not using tweaker on the steam version?

This post is deleted!

Yes, I don't have tweaker installed at the moment. I deleted tweaker folder and ps02 windows folder.

All I have is a clean steam version installed for now.

@Leviton if you have an Xbox one and gold membership you could try using the Xbox one version of pso2, juss a suggestion

@TURION-MOONSTAR Thank you for the suggestion. Sadly, I don't own an xbox console.

Heya @Leviton! Sorry to meet you under such unfortunate circumstances. Make sure you file a report. A lot of us have been having this issue. Here's my thread if you wanna check it out so we have all the people in one place. 🙂

Fortunately, I found an annoying work around that works for myself, but seemingly no one else. I start up my computer and run PSO as soon as my OS starts up. I have an SSD, so it starts up super fast. Not sure if that makes a difference or anything.

Lots of crashes since last update here and alliance wide.