I think I messed up...

I'm pretty new to the game and haven't gotten into all the high tier weapons yet, so I wasn't sure how to exchange my Atlas EX gunblade in for a rod. I found the category switch and and saw the chronos eternistone and figured it must be like a condensed EX weapon that could be traded in for the others. But now I see that I can't trade it in for anything and I have now wasted my event item. Is there anything I can do to get back on track for a 15 star?

Unfortunately, you are back to square one with your Atlas EX. You basically now need to go through the full upgrade path from Val to Atlas EX, meaning you need a +35 Val Weapon to upgrade into an Atlas with the Eternistone, and a +35 Lumiere (which itself requires a +35 Jutus, +35 Schvelle, and +35 Tier 2 Supernatural to get) to upgrade the Atlas into Atlas EX.

What's even the point of trading in an an EX weapon for the eternistone anyway?? I see that it's a material for some material weapons for the EX but why would anyone ever exchange it in this way except for noobs like me to fall into a trap?

@IeatCODnoobs For the original Atlas series, the option was put there just in case people upgraded their Val to Atlas without having its Grind Cap at 35. From there it just became common practice for them to have the option available for players even through higher upgrades.

Another possible reason is that since you cannot discard or sell Atlas and Atlas EX weapons, the option is there for people who don't want to use them to turn them back into the Eternistone for storage in Material Storage.

Maybe some people would just rather pick up a cheap 8 slot weapon down tier and re-upgrade into Atlas EX once they transfer the abilities off of their original Atlas EX.

Cost of re-upgrading Atlas EX: meseta

Cost of re-upslotting to 8 especially on non-boost weeks: sanity

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Though Atlas EX has 4 S-class abilities so it isn't as bad - kinda sucks doing it for a Rivalate though which only has 2.

But yes, you did mess up, and there is nothing you can do without some sort of GM intervention.