It seems like I can't switch the weapon category

After managing to get 5 presents from the Recommended quests, earning me that Gunblade atlas 15* star weapon and all the needed resources to switch the weapon category, I went to talk to Zig.

Now, I wanted to switch the weapon category to Assault rifle, because I wanted to have an 15* star Assault rifle that I will use once the Phantom class arrives to NA server

However, I did not manage to switch the weapon category. While I had all the needed resources, the option to "Exchange" was blanked out, meaning I cant click this option, neither I can set the amount of resources I want to exchange, when I want to change the amount, nothing happens.

SEGA really be need to work out on the game glitches and issues.

Locking a weapon disallows it to appear in the exchange list. Harmonizer cannot be exchanged from according to another thread.

@coldreactive The weapon isnt locked though

You should post a screenshot of the issue, you are most likely missing something. It's worked perfectly fine for everyone else.

you cant also do it if the weapons equipped

Did you make sure to click the EX series exchange and not the Atlas exchange?

Sorry, I found the issue, it was because my inventory was full

@Charus said in It seems like I can't switch the weapon category:

Sorry, I found the issue, it was because my inventory was full

You also can't get SG directly from title rewards/etc. if your inventory is full either (despite not giving you an item.) Make a habit of always having one slot empty.

I try to only carry necessary items with me. So the stuff I have on hand is usually only 20/25 items. Everything else is in storage XD If you got some extra SG I highly recommend material storage. It's 2500 slots for mats. The mats stack past 999, and you can use the mats directly from storage without having to put them in your inventory. You can also set up your auto pick up setting to put mats directly in material storage. 700SG will get you 3 months of material storage and 300SG will get you one. @Charus