4-Man Deus/Yamato/Dragon Triggers?

So after that random Deus EQ I noticed we didn't get the 4-man phase. Is it just gone for good or will we be able to buy triggers for it later on? Same for the other 4-man EQs that aren't Trigger Drops.

The closest you can get to these are the special Triggers that drop from current Emergency Quests (the Omega Falz [Luther], Omega Falz [Apprentice], and the Dark Falz [Persona] fights) on Extra Hard because there is a chance the triggers will drop which can be sold on the Player Shop. You want to run these for a chance at getting the loot as well as the extremely rare chance of a Chronos Eternistone and Founder's Amphirite or for the loot needed for the Lightstream/Trailblazer weapons and units.

The four-man Deus Esca is no longer relevant as in the Japanese version this was replaced by "The Guides of Creation" which is a condensed version of the Mother and Deus Esca fight (you go straight to the boss fights back-to-back). The Trigger version of this quest is called "Destroyers of Light" and is solo-only and is one of the requirements on the Japanese version's Expert Matching. The other solo Trigger Quest you can get frequently is the solo Profound Darkness which we already have on Rising Badges 3.

Your best bet for Trigger quests for these fights is likely the Fresh Finds Shop whenever it comes into circulation or when they get added to the Rising Badges exchange as the Japanese version only has two available Trigger quests you can buy relatively easily compared to what we have in the global version.

It’s already confirmed that epe5 triggers will be in the badge shop in EP6 so it stands that we will also get the 4 man version of Luther, app, drag, and persona. Considering the crap ton of badge 4s we get now I’m expecting marathons of Dragon, Persona, Luther, and even Elder since they get UH modes with good drop tables.