Random player joining when you have no invites turned on with full party filled with npc's.

A player joining your party when you have no random invites turned on and also have 3 npc's in your group and one gets kicked from your party so they can join.

Did you set a password on your party, or only select no invites in a menu? If it was the latter, then all that does is prevent you from getting party invites, and doesn't block people from joining your party from the Quest Counter.

Had no invites in menu set and had full party of npc's. That doesn't seem right they can force one of my npc's to leave and take its spot. When your trying to raise there friendship values for the rewards.

Like I said, the "no invites" option just prevents people from sending you a party invite, it doesn't prevent people from joining your party.

If you want to completely block your party from others joining, you have to set a password in your party settings. The "Restrict to Joining Only" option blocks people from joining your party, and the "Also Limit Multiplayer Requests from Other Parties" option makes your quest instance completely private so no other parties can join it either.

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@hynaku4494 From my experience if you turn those thing on and go to a mission, the game can sometimes turn them off for no reason. You can go to the party settings and turn them on again. You could make a bug report about it, although i don't believe that will help. Not like developers will ever admit their failures, unless the company demands it, and this is too small for that. This is for those "condition to join" options, so if this isn't about that you can disregard this.

another good idea is to select both friends only and alliance members only