griping about scratch, rng, my money, my time

ngl I stopped reading halfway through.

I feel for you, I do. I've been playing more or less consistently since Dreamcast as well and, I heartily disagree with the majority of your complaints.

You say that you get nothing in return?

Funny, because without having to pay a cent, this morning I logged in and got over 200sg in campaign rewards, a fancy new weapon skin, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff to use in game - and that's not counting the free gems and other goodies I got from the mission pass.

As for AC scratch items.... ya'll know there's a player shop, right? I mean, sure, some of that stuff is waaaay overpriced in the first day or two after a scratch releases, but seriously... it's not hard to make meseta. Not at all. You could spam AQs and sell the boosters for a half mil per stack. You get handed 2m in weekly mission rewards for next to nothing. You get a lot of stuff just by playing the game, without ever having to put a dime into it.

So yeah, I sympathise, and I think you're doing a great thing helping your uncle, but really? Was this rant at all necessary?


I know, their generosity amazes me sometimes. I’m too used to B&S locking the best stuff behind limited time RNG events that can’t be traded or sold. Come to think of it, I can’t recall a game ever outright giving me a weapon like this before. We’re very lucky! I only reached the Lumiere stage on my own.

i am not sure if it's your comprehension or understanding that's lacking.

but let me explain this in another way for the people that want to address their opinion on a post not addressed to them..

if you there is an item you can either obtain thru supporting a publisher financially or thru in game grinding that does nothing for the publisher.. BUT... as you all have pointed out.. and is the point i was making (never seen so many people disagree by making the same statement they disagreed with in their rebuttals): if it is expected that one should have no expectations of receiving said items thru the means of financial support and is to expect having to do the in game grinding.. it becomes obvious that a very crucial part of it is actually unnecessary and in fact, often a net loss for the player..

that would be... wait for it..

the financial support of the publisher..

now... sure. you can wave away my frustration at the fact that my going the route of "financially supporting an ip and publisher i enjoy" is not only a waste of money and time.. and you can explain how that is the game is way the game is made like that isn't where the frustration and post are aimed..

but.. when the smart decision is to not by the things (as you have stated.. again,i love the way my case is re-made by those that only came to na y-say.. can't make this shit up..) well.. that only takes money away from the ip and publisher.. and for the player? well.. they will still get the items thru the very same in game grinding they would have had to do before.. but this time with more money in their pocket..

when you provide a player/player base an opportunity to carry some of the financial costs needed to continue producing a game and do so in such a way that it becomes obvious to even the most die hard fans that best solution is to not make said purchase as it is not only a wasted effort because you are still expected to do the in game grinding rendering the reasons for purchasing pointless..

but it will also become a source of frustration for those that chose to support thru further spending only to realize.. that wasn't the right choice.. again.. thank you all for reiterating this thing that i stated in the beginning..

but.. what do i know..

like i said. i'm not a publisher of a game that has a large loyal fanbase but is also one that is also seeing their player base rapidly shrink.. instead, i'm just a loyal supporter for over two decades who is drastically going to be scaling back the support i'm sending, not because of financial reason or because i don't want to support the game... but because of the thing that we all agree on: that avenue of adding support.. welp it's just kinda not good for the supporter..

but yeah.. totes..

and i'm with you all..

it is how that is done.. it is how that part of the game works.. aaand.. i shouldn't expect something reasonable in return as that is the nature of that aspect of the game.

and i also agree: i should take the last several attempts to support in this manner indicative of how future attempts will also end up... (because at first it was chalked to bad luck.. but as time went on it became clear it wasn't bad luck but rather bad and manipulative game design intent on encouraging the repeated repurchasing thru the regularly providing a product not one of the many the purchaser would have obviously been hoping to obtain, but also ones that have very little use or value to the player..

the flaw here, clearly.. not only will the player grow to resent this aspect of the game and stop using it, essentially stopping or greatly diminishing the support seen thru this system.. but that will also grow a disdain for the publisher as well and will likely result in a player deciding to do their gaming elsewhere entirely..

but hey.. maybe that's the plan.. in which case: 10/10 big brain strat works perfectly, will use again to cause growth in distrust, disdain, departures while diminishing dollars.

but you guys are right.. i mean... why point out and repair holes in the sinking ship. when we can just say that's how it's supposed to be, it's a sprinkler system for keeping the inside of the boat hydrated.. duh.. pleb

Ok man, whatever you say. I just find moving the in game economy also helps the game as someone had to pay for that item in the first place and I'm supporting the game through paying for premium.

But according to you, I guess I'm just a "pleb".

I don't disagree with global seems to be a sinking ship but seems like they are hedging their bets on NGS rather than an 8 year old game.

Though these wall of texts really starting to remind me of that Kitsenix guy

To be honest the way you’re typing is making it really difficult to understand what point you’re trying to make. I’ve read it twice.

From what I can gather(and correct me if I’m wrong), you’re pulling your financial support for the game because it’s easy to just earn the money in game? You thought spending money would mean you wouldn’t have to grind like F2P?

If that’s the case, that’s your choice. I made a similar decision after spending an obscene amount and realizing I could get by just fine without spending anything. I had alliance members with almost a billion meseta from only playing the game, it made me question why I was paying for scratch anymore, so I stopped. I still pay for premium and I’m happy to support the game but not like I was before.

The game is still not P2W though, you still have to grind like everybody else unless you’re a whale for support items(I only bought cosmetic scratch) and even then they have to deal with RNG.

@Milk > The game is still not P2W though, you still have to grind like everybody else unless you’re a whale for support items(I only bought cosmetic scratch) and even then they have to deal with RNG.

Even if it was pay to win, the core game is 95% PvE so it wouldn't really affect other people other than missions would get done faster.


That’s true but I’m glad it isn’t, I can’t even join raids in other games because I didn’t whale for gear. You quite literally had to be a whale because they would gearcheck you and kick, then one game hosted an event basically to help whales get richer so the equivalent for a weapon would be like...2 billion meseta here. Goodness, can you imagine? I’m so glad our game isn’t like that.

@Milk I agree. PSO2 is I would say the most fair free to play online game and I've played a lot of different online RPGs.

SEGA does appreciate its player base with how generous they are with items drops, buying premium items off other players with in game currency, the massive amount of progression boosts that drop, the Mission Pass is practically free with how many Star Gems a player can get by just playing the game, and the fact that high tier items can be rewarded by progression and not real money spent.


You too huh? 😁 I’ve played so many dang mmorpgs over the years, fifteen years of grinding! Lately this is all I want to play, it’s just kind of special and we get treated so well that it makes me expect more for my gaming experience now.

Haha sorry to go off topic, I just love this game.

I dont like lootbix mechanics either. I've chose to support the game via extra character slots for thst weekly cash, inventory expansion tickets and premium. Loot boxes are a way to get people to buy things they don't want repeatedly

Honestly I don't like loot boxes but I support SEGA since they are a kind and caring company with PSO2 since it has given me many years of joy and gave me an MMO that I can play without the stuff that other MMOs do such as P2W or other insidious mechanics. I bought AC scratches today because I wanted lots of stuff from the scratch while RNGesus was not kind to me I knew what I was in for so I used the remaining part of my Premium sub to sell those items on the player shop and I made money to buy most of what I care about. Honestly I have 24 characters in Japan server and 5 in Global server but tbh I can't be bothered to do the weeklies since I would spend hours doing them so I find my way around in the market or by doing the good old Excube to Grinder method. 🙂


You could just be lazy like me and keep half your alts low lvl so you get 500k per character just enhancing a gear and turning in something. I leave everything on them so it takes me like five minutes total. Unfortunately my higher lvl alts take hours for weeklies. I’ve had so much bad luck with lootboxes, RNG ain’t for me anymore. Last straw was 30 scratches giving me 5m worth of junk total, enhancement and male outerwear worth nothing.

This scratch has some good stuff, can’t blame you. I got the ballet dance, want those floating butterflies but prices are nuts right now.

@WoollierTiara12 hey have you ever heard of genshin impact?

foist, caring for my uncle is not my only responsibility, dependent, or source of income.. i stated it as an example of any one of many situations and struggles people are facing today. cuz it's the one i'm most familiar with, i used my sitch as a tool to convey what struggles many of us are having to deal with on some level or another.. part of mine just happens to be that i care for a war veteran while work at the shop is slow.. (ain't too many people hopping to get a custom anything these days.. much less a car.. maybe toilet paper.. but not cars lol)

fact is, i get paid like every one else.. only now i care for an elderly veteran when the shop is slow.. but ye, money is tight and like everyone else there are those who depend on there being a large cushion between my hard limit on what i can blow and failing to float.. and like every one else, i can't go to those who employ me/pay for my service and just ask for more money to get some.. clothes.. for.. my avatar..

just a means to relate yo.. a reminder that we're just as human as you, meant for them (the faces behind the faceless coorp) in hopes they might see my message..

cuz yeah that there was a time when we could spend.. and we did.. and we will again.. obviously.. but right now, it would be awesome ya threw us a bone..

like, we want to support.. we do as much as we can.. we want your success. truly (prolly more than you for some of us, i'm sure).. but this epidemic ish has put us at a bind, especially in the us (again, just familiar).. and if they can.. let that bone be the "cash scratch"..

those who buy ac likely already have a month paid, prolly also use a few other things out of the shop or bought sg's and ac on top of monthly subscription. so.. these are your best supporters..

now.. they have one main (may play more, but everyone has that one they really do the buying for) and it's either male or female... and robut or robut-not.. that means that out of the clothes you have a 1 out of 4 chance of getting something useful.. add in all the other stuff.. (not to mention the pink taxed economy) and well.. you might spend a chunk before you get stuff you can use, much less like or wanted.. or.. in my case.. a chunk 3 times now cuz RNGesus hates me..

maybe pull some of the crap items out.. or make it where a person gets only stuff they can equip (or at least at a higher % that nonequippable), or shoot, maybe make a challenge mode reward one of those ac tickets where you can choose.. or maybe even make those purchasable..

i will say again tho:

i am done with gambling side of it.. rng has always hated me... gotta kill 1000 to get that 1/100 drop..

and if i'm gonna spend extra, spend on for sure things like what i with could have bought, and would have bought, had i known i was going to strike out with my third straight bust buyin worthless..

like.. another character.. maybe one on another ship.. maybe an extra mag..

who knows? not me.. i bought worthless stuff thru ac lol