griping about scratch, rng, my money, my time

What they're trying to say is: "I want to support this game, but the gacha system is awful and designed to wring you dry if you want anything specific, especially in SG scratches where you can't even trade for the items you'd like"

But yeah, this is just an incredibly predatory system that needs to disappear from games altogether. Everyone in this thread should look up how gambling in general is designed to prey upon how the human mind reacts to games like these, it'll leave a bad taste in your mouth when you see how much research is put into making them as addictive as possible (not necessarily PSO2, but at the same time it'll give insight into how and why they do things this way).

It really is something that shouldn't be defended on any level.

You don't have to defend the practice to see why OP shouldn't have spent the money in the first place.

Well good, you found something else to spend your money on. I always say extra characters are worth it. You can profit off of them in a consistent way, Gacha is RNG and you can and will lose sometimes. You could use 22 tickets in a row and end up with trash(painful lesson) so I don’t blame you for not wanting to participate.

If you put in the work, you’ll be able to afford anything from the scratch anyway no matter how much money you spend but paying for alts or inventory space do make it easier.

Look at it this way, this game lets anyone obtain those scratch items. They’re not locked to character or even account. That’s pretty good for a gacha system. People who want to burn money can play and no one else has to. I stopped having fun that way so I just buy my scratch items from the personal shops.

But if you’re really in a financial bind then don’t worry about it, the game’s free and you can still have fun. You can still save up with your weeklies or selling grinders and such and afford cosmetics or gear. Don’t spend money you don’t have, but if you do find yourself in a more comfortable spot, I highly suggest character slots.