griping about scratch, rng, my money, my time

first off a small introduction that is needed to understand the place i'm coming from when i begin what i have come to actually gripe about.. at the moment i'm not quite sure what i'm using as a name on these, but in game i'm AGNE and some might know me..

but what you may not know is that my job in life right now is not the normal one.. i have the honor to care full time for an elderly war veteran uncle who sacrificed a lot in life and he's on his way, ya know what i'm sayin.. sacrificed in war and got messed up.. and has sacrificed for so many since coming back and becoming both firefighter and officer.. that.. and being told he had 6 months to live. constantly.. since the 70's..

and as he lays basically bedridden but very much aware, he just doesn't wanna go to a home.. mind's there.. body a bit rough from rounds of machine guns and mortar shells.. see, i come from honor, so i quit my job and take care of him full time.. a small sacrifice for the freedom of a war hero in his final years who sacrificed so much fighting for the freedoms of others in his younger years..

as you can guess.. this job doesn't pay that much as far as tangible wealth goes. he offers often.. but i politely refuse.. and if he insists, i find ways to return it to him..

now.. here's where shit gets "awesome" for me as a long time fan and multi-game generational customer..

i love pso.. have since dream cast launch.. and have bought every (yes every.. yes those) title since.. you could say i am in that special group that's helped keep the lights on since day one both with my money (sooo much money over the years) but also with my singing the praises to any that will listen and bringing in anyone i can convince.. which is more money (hang with me, it'll make sense)..

but here i sit.. a real life load of life on my plate at the moment. and financially in place that isn't great but doing a job that is more important that you could put a dollar amount on..

now i'm not a big fan of using games a as a gambling service, essentially the experience being offering something for a price..taking the money. and giving something worthless instead.. fucking crap really..

but if done well.. it can be alright..

well.. in my experience.. it has not been.. well shit really.. sure.. i can blame the rng gods.. but at the end of the day.. that's you..

now.. this is the third major time you've released a scratcher that i was more than a bit interested in, and i, being a fan and wanting to support your struggling start up, (thanks the complete lack of any show of appreciation for us that have been loyal with our time and our bank accounts as you've really just been.. well honestly, a shit show..) so, as i have to do, i go to my employer and ask for a bit of money.. now he sees my sacrifice and he sees that this is what i spend a lot of my time doing when i'm not caring for him.. and tho i'm not exactly a fan of asking for money from a veteran, much less for virtual items in a video game, from a veteran, but.. what can i do..

well.. it turns what i can do is waste my god damn money.. you offer me something i want to buy.. but only in a shit ass game of chance.. and as you take my money.. you offer fuck all in return.. thanks, i hate it.. you can go ahead keep that trash and just give me my money back. okthnkxnbyby.. now.. yeah, i guess someone has to be the unlucky one.. but really. does there have to be someone unlucky? can't you just.. i don't know.. offer something of value to every paying customer..

i mean.. how would you feel about this: you give me the virtual items i want and i send you a random bill from my wallet.. deal? cool! here's a monopoly dollar..

not down with that.. you worked hard on that making that virtual item you say? and would want some kind of compensation for your effort and time?.. no worries i got just the thing.. you send me some of those items you've been working on.. aand i'll send you a random bill from my wallet.. aaand here's your monopoly dollar.. oh oh.. i see that you're not happy with that exchange.. sorry my friend.. lemme tell ya what i can do.. how about you send me some of them things you've been working on.. aaand i'll send you a random bill from my .. no monopoly dollars this time for sure! deal! alright!

here's your monopoly dollar..

if you would not be willing to work out such an arrangement with me..

i understand.. hey.. tell ya what..

yeeaeah me too.. maybe now we're reaching an understanding..

bro.. this is money you have taken and given jack shit in return..

so.. at the end of the day.. i not only put my side of the work in when we made the dollar for digital trade..

but i also gotta go and put the work in a second time in game for the item i originally wanted and you failed to produce the first time i tried to purchase it. repeatedly.

now.. normally no biggie.. but..

fuck man.. i'm not going back to my dying war veteran uncle and being like "sega fucked me.. can i have some more of your monthly income to blow on more bullshit that isn't just not valuable in the real world, but you keep giving me shit that isn't even valuable in your game world.. i've spent more than i'm proud to admit on scratchers alone that is money just.. poofed (i'm not talking about my monthly pay, or the random other things i get with ac or sg purchased thru your store front..) i'm talking just scratchers..

now, what do i expect you to do about it? fuck all.. honestly.. but hopefully, one person in your company will ready this as they look at a declining player base and see that if you couldn't even keep a guy that bought your trading card game on the game cube... how you gonna keep a new player..

i'm beyond frustrated.. beyond tired of wasting my money to help an i.p. i used to be proud of..

and i'm not buying any more scratchers.. no more anything except the bare minimum.. and shit.. i might quit paying that and go full ftp, if i stay at all. for all that i've gotten in return for the money i've spent on top of the monthly payment, i'd be better served ripping it in half and throwing one part away and shoving the other up a dogs ass.

at least then what i got in return would have some value to me less of a shitty time

i'm going to go ahead and thank you for the nothing you're going to do about this.. and i hope you will return the show of gratitude by thanking me for not giving you any more of my money.

cuz not every one who has kept you in business is wad of money you can keep squeezing..

sometimes.. your greed starts to hit on a moral level.

i have a job to do.. it's care for my veteran uncle until his passing.. it's a full time job with shit pay but rewarding benefits on other levels..

and this shit you're providing in return for his dollars given to help you as you struggle (we see the numbers.. let's keep it level.. you're struggling and also fucking the one's trying to help keep you afloat....

cool on ya mah dude..

but you can keep your fuckery.. i'm still full from yesterday's

rant over.. said to get shit off my chest.. maybe get someone to tweak the rng a little bit..

and open your eyes to the fact that many of the people helping you thru your struggle..

have their own stuggles too..

and you actively make them worse

this wall of text telling your story is pretty much pointless, you should just had asked yourself this question "Have I free money to spend it in what I want?" if the answer is no than don't spend it, yes RNG of the scratch tickets is bad is similar to gacha games and the percentages clearly show that but is you who put yourself in this situation.

Define your priorities first before spending money even more in a game that you can buy cosmetic items from other players using ingame currency.


I bought a lottery ticket, spending money i did not have and that i took from the person in my care, fully knowing how lotteries work, having unsuccessfully played the lottery before, and knowing full well the odds of success.

Had i won the jackpot, we would never be having this conversation, but since i did not win the jackpot, lotteries suck, so do you, and i believe it is only reasonable, if not literally owed to me, that you deliver the jackpot to me, spitting in the face of every other lottery player.

Also, i think you and your game suck and are a dumpster fire, wanted to make sure you knew, as it will clearly tip the balance in my favor.

P.S: Did i mention i do not think i should be made accountable for any mistake or vice or mismanagement, because my uncle is a Veteran?

I get you're frustrated but this is literally the way the game is set up. If you don't like it this way.. You always have the option to not play it or to not spend money on it. Play something less demanding of your time and money and concentrate on taking care of your uncle. I mean this is just how gacha works. And PSO2 calling it scratch doesn't make it not gacha.

seems you missed the point.. not sure if dumb or purposefully obtuse, either way don't care really.

as i said: i don't expect it anything t be done about it..

but... here's why a 20 year supporter suddenly stopped. do with it what you will..

and here's my struggle.. cuz we're all struggling right now, here's mine.. and even in my struggle i saw yours and still sent support.. but it's clear it's just a con (thank you for reiterating that for me.. high fivers?)

but.. i'm not the publisher of an ip relatively fresh.. and hemorrhaging its player base..

i'm just a guy who has been a strong supporter for two decades who is speaking his reasons for stopping the support instead of just making an exit like so many others

This is basically any gacha/lootbox game - sometimes the RNG just works against you.

I'm guessing this is for cosmetic AC scratch? Well if you don't get what you want, you can sell the unwanted items on the playershop or exchange it for recycle medals and sell those instead. I would much rather buy Premium than AC scratch tickets as you can typically make more than enough meseta from selling things to straight out buy the AC scratch items as long it is still on going. Premium is 1500 AC on global if I remember right? It's only 1300 AC on JP and currently on sale for 1000. I think 1500 AC/$15 month is pretty reasonable compared to any subscription game.

My eyes glazed over so forgive me if I missed something. You’re angry that loot boxes don’t just give you the item you want? It’s gambling, just like you don’t win the jackpot at the casino irl everytime or get a winning lottery ticket.

When I used to buy scratch sometimes I’d hit it big, sometimes I didn’t even break even. If you can’t accept RNG not being in your favor then you shouldn’t gamble.

One thing this game does differently is if you spend $60 you get a ticket that lets you pick the item of your choice, so if you want it that badly you can still get it.

And of course you could use your spare cash to make more alts(or use your 3 free characters) and run your weeklies, I make 26m a week from doing the absolutely bare minimum because I can’t play all of the time. You don’t have to leave or get angry, RNG isn’t for you, spend your money on what will make you happy. You don’t even need premium, just do your weekly quests and turn ins.

Finally, I hate to be rude but I find your sob story in poor taste. A lot of people are struggling right now because of 2020. My husband is disabled so I understand caretaking as well. I know it’s stressful but that doesn’t entitle people to videogame loot.

So you don't have a lot of money, you know the game monetizes, essentially, loot boxes, and you spent the money you don't have to try for a random chance at getting something you don't need.

Whether the RNG is, "good," or not that doesn't change the problem, here. The sympathy story doesn't change the problem, either.

I agree with the gacha system that doesn't belong, however you're literally trying to gte pity points by using your veteran uncle's money as a scapegoat... What the actual fuck?

Yes the loot box like system in the game can be very unforgiving. However, this is a free to play game, and better yet, you can buy almost any AC scratch ticket item off the player store with ingame money.

Most if not nearly all other free to play games like this would never allow this selling of items bought with real money so capitalize on people spending as much money as possible to get the item they want (cough cough EA and Activision/Blizzard).

I would say PSO2 is probably one of the most fair free to play games in terms of it's real money items due to the fact that you don't have to spend a dime to look cool, just a lot of time.

@Milk said in griping about scratch, rng, my money, my time:

One thing this game does differently is if you spend $60 you get a ticket that lets you pick the item of your choice, so if you want it that badly you can still get it.

Anyone know if there's a reason why this doesn't get applied to the Support Item scratches? Those are the only ones I've thrown money at and definitely would've thrown more if I could eventually get that capsule I really wanted.

@Rang-Dipkin think cause that one is actually kinda pay2win, not just mostly cosmetics

Yeeaaah that would be kinda bad. I like PSO2 the most out of every F2P MMO because it doesn’t have much of that, just fluff and some boosters you can get for free anyway.

@HarmlessSyan Yeah, that makes sense, was wondering if there were particular items that'd be too good to give out 1 of like the high slot insurance items or something like that. I just have tunnel vision for the capsules cause I'm still an affixing noob 😮

@Milk Not only that SEGA is very generous with giving away free items. Most Free to play games would never give out free high powered weapons to everyone. They would hide it behind a pay wall.