Episode 6

When is episode 6 coming?

That is in a bit of debate at present.

It is for 100% sure that's in December. Major content updates occur at two week internals.

That means the projected dates are December 9th or December 23.

  • Argument for the 23rd. - In previous content releases the "Road to Episode" campaigns lasted 4 weeks. Also several of our campaigns don't end until December 22nd. So this is the most likely theory based on previous episodes.

  • Argument for December 9th - For some weird reason Mission Pass 10 is on an accelerated schedule. Meaning it is only two weeks instead of the usual length which I believe is four weeks. The only reason we can think of for giving us less time to do it is cause they don't want to release Episode 6 during the middle of a mission pass. It's also speculated that December 23rd is too close to Christmas and an Episode update would require more manpower, making a release date that close to Christmas unfeasible.

I asked in the livestream today. All the GM's would say on the matter is that our question would be answered in December. I too have been eagerly awaiting episode 6. It's been my goal since researching scion classes to be Phantom and I've been waiting what feels like forever.