Name : Azure Remnant Leader : Amazing Exia Managers : NanoNeko , kim Ship 2 Type : Casual / Semi Casual / Serious Active Timezone : well i don't really mind because not everyone is from same time zone. So just follow your pace. Alliance Requirements:

  1. As long as follow the rules and regulations in the game
  2. Active but just follow your timezone
  3. Calm and open-minded
  4. Who likes anime and others also welcome
  5. Can discuss about others game you enjoy

Alliance description : Just started alliance. So just wanna hang out and bring up the alliance. Well wont be too active since having need to do things in irl that also same as others. Started with 3 person. And now playing genshin as well. Everyone will be treated equally. Regardless race and region. Usual Alliance Activities:

  1. Doing quest
  2. Farming
  3. Casino
  4. Gacha games( not really in pso2)

Can dm me @ibukitatsuya#1473 Or join the discord group