Petition to make the Lumiere Fonse a Wand and DS weapon as well

This has likely been a point of annoyance in the Japanese release as well but I want to make it known that this weapon suits perfectly for Etoile as a whole and I think the weapon should be expanded for the other weapons as well.

I don't think I need to mention why that is, but it being locked to just Soaring Blades but then also being Greatsword and Katana makes no sense whatsoever. There are lots of weapon camos like this but this is the most egregious.

Plz Sega, ty.

I also second this! As a Techter, the character I made, I have drawn using a Keyblade before (specifically Aqua's) and besides I think a Techter is very Kingdom Hearts like... melee with magic! I would love to have that be the skin the wand gets!

I think it would be best if all weapon camos were changed to work with all weapon types. Also, allow the same weapon camos to stack while in storage, and allow equipping different weapon camos per weapon.

I agree with the above

-Make weapon camos equip able for each weapon type. or

  • Allow us to equip as many camos as we have weapons for. ie: I'm on a hero. I have a Talis, Sword, and Twin Machine Guns. Allow me to equip a camo for each one.

Would also like to add that harmonizers could use more weapon camos in general.