2 problems that need to be resolved on xbox

@ErinXh Nice! And yea "Sir", tho just Leon is fine! xD

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@ErinXh I have not checked the quest item record but i assume your talking about this navigation thru the quest counter windows quest selection > rank selection > view quest log > item log? If thats how u got to the quest item record u mentioned before then i have checked that and cannot click it because it is greyed out like its empty and i checked now too and can confirm this. Most of the quests on mine say there is no quest log but the odd thing is that and the only quest log i am able to view is the forest exploration but only on normal rank and even then it only shows 1 enemy in the enemy log thats fang banshee, nothing in item log or augment log.20200324_035148.jpg 15850363643326988782621199766478.jpg

Thank you so much for showing cause this clears it all. The issue is 100% server sided and has nothing to do with your game client or missing files. (I hope you didn't redownloaded the game I suggested, cause it wouldn't have solved it.)

I got a hunch that this is intentional rather than an 'unforeseen' problem. More like a feature not yet being planned/available due the game being in OBT. Like they are still testing features and stuff. Still can be annoying off course. 🙂 So I hope it becomes available to you soon. (Most likely they only made it available on the Forest Expedition Quest so that they have a 'controlled' sample size for testing.)

The open beta started at 6pm (PDT) last Tuesday. It hasn't been 7 days yet. Which means nothing will be up until after maint.

Can confirm the Quest Log is now operational, as it's been 7 days. 🙂

@GM-Deynger so will it only show forest exploration for now cuz its obt or will it aggregate for all the quests logs later today?

@GM-Deynger after seeing that you confirmed its operational I am still not seeing logs sadly at this moment.

@GM-Deynger nevermind im starting to see logs update thank you so much!