PSO2 Station+ November 24 2020



Still on going right now and translation is getting worked on real time but some of key points so far

JP will be getting the global ver 4th of July stuff.

SAO collab is not scratch - Kirito and Asuna will be quest NPCs/Partner Cards and you can earn their outfits/hair/weapon camo/lobby action doing their story client orders/campaign. There will be voice tickets also but global still don't have them?

Collabs - Yuzuki Yukari revival along with Kizuna Akari, Ryuu no Gotoku/Yakuza collab, Guilty Gear + BlazeBlue revival.

Balancing (buffs) for Fighter, Bouncer, Etoile.

New Challenge Mission

Space Magatsu is coming back herp derp

December 19th - NGS stream will be mainly in JP with EN translations.

Finally a new challenge mission. Now if only they added more rewards for challenge miles then we are good.

My quick translation of class distribution. Blue is distribution in the beginning of the year January and red is in October


Surprising to see Braver actually went up and Force was able to stay the same even with new Scion class

I'm pretty sure that chart is the amount of players that have the specified class at level 90+. There's no reason any classes should go down unless more characters were created that don't have those classes.

While I do not know how they did the data gathering, but the chart clearly states "Lv90+ Character Main Class Distribution".

You can see aside from Braver and Force, all other classes went down in distribution when Luster came out. The percentages roughly adds up to 100% and Scion classes taking over 70%

With that chart, people with multiple characters (which would be a lot of people) would make a Scion class because it's easier to be able to do Ultra Hard quests having to only level one class up for that character. Every other class, you'll have subclass requirements as well. And well, the Scion classes are just good anyways.