Is challenging phaleg required?

Is it required to move on to further episode??

To put it in the simplest of ways: "No"

It's not a requirement. If you're not equipped well enough, or if you're a casual player, you will have a hard time if you plan to beat this boss, and an even harder time if you plan to S rank. However, it's a good battle to learn as there's much harder solo endgame content, like Omega Masquerade, and XQ: Madness & Phantasms. For now, all you would get out of beating Phaleg's extra battle would be several SG titles.

No. It's content for good players aiming to get better. Not for casuals. No reason to run it at all.

@Infini said in Is challenging phaleg required?:

@Sadiyaah yes

This fight is completely optional as you can proceed to Episode 5 without having done the fight at all.

I have never once battled Phaleg, I didn't even do episode 1-4's story quests ( I will later cause OMG THE SG is nice) But yeah just finished up Episode 5 last night.