SFW Waifu Clan Banner.png

The Waifu Clan is a new semi-casual alliance looking to increase our ranks.

Leader: REDACTEDWing#8480

Officer: Olasatra#7788

Goals: The goal of The Waifu Clan is to enjoy PSO2 to it's fullest, be that hanging out in the alliance quarters and chatting, or grinding levels and gear.

Requirements for Joinning: Be respectfully to other members. Be able to take a joke (our humour can get weird 😛 ). Willing to help out new/other members. Login at lest twice a week (daily if possible but I know shit happens, so yea). Join The Waifu Clan's discord and website.

How to Join: Get in contact with me or the officer over discord, once one of us sees your message we'll make a time and day to meet in game 🙂