Weapon upgrading

uhm just some random thoughts or questions, can you make or upgrade your 10 star weapons to 13 or 15 star weapons??

There's going to be a new system coming in Episode 6 that allows you to "upgrade" (or re-craft) lower rarity weapons up to 12 I believe.

There's no "Upgrade" system besides Zig/Zieg's weapon exchanges.

Rarity does not upgrade like that in this game. The closest you can do to this sort of "upgrade" is through Episode 5's current content where you take a series of weapons and exchange them by talking to Zieg for an "upgraded" version picking one of your weapons as the base (which keeps the element and the abilities affixed onto it).

Some examples of this are:

  • Ivlida -> Cleasis -> Schvelle weapons (functions as an upgrade tier)

  • Supernatural -> Upgraded Supernatural (functions as an upgrade tier)

  • Schvelle + Upgraded Supernatural + Jutus -> Lumiere (13-star to 14-star upgrade)

  • Val -> Atlas (13-star to 14-star upgrade)

  • Atlas + Lumiere + Chronos Eternistone (resource) -> Atlas EX (14-star to 15-star upgrade)

  • Profound + Detonation + Claudium + Allure + Xerraire -> Celestial/Starquake Xion (13-star to 14-star upgrade)

  • Celestial/Starquake Xion + Founder's Amphirite (resource) -> Lightstream/Trailblazer (14-star to 15-star upgrade)

  • Nemesis + Raven + Invade + Ares -> Ophistia (13-star and 14-star to 15-star upgrade)

In the original Japanese version of the game you were able to exchange resources and Old-Type weapons to pick up New-Type variants of the weapons. However, in the global version, we never got many Old-Type weapons (Sprue Col-C is an example of one that made it through) and because we largely only have New-Type weapons this exchange does not exist.

Alongside that the Japanese version had weapon crafting for Old-Type weapons so you were able to craft up to ten-star and I believe thirteen star weapons with custom properties or extend their usability to other classes (so you can create a Sword for a Force to use, for example). This was likely absent in global because Episode 6 expanded this further by adding in New-Type weapon crafting so that the Bouncers (who have a damage bonus for crafted weapons) can take advantage of this in Episode 6.