Why is there no way to rejoin UQs after a disconnect? Don't disrespect our time.

Yes, I'm salty.

It occurred to me how raw of a deal this is, after getting randomly disconnected at the very end of Madness, losing not only my drops but also a retry on it because it also happened just at the very end of the event period. It's very annoying.

Alternatively, a bump to the drop rates would be better too. I'm sick of feeling like I'm missing out on the possibility of absurdly low-rate drops (even moreso with the buffs for today active) for ever UQ I miss out on. I know this was bought up before concerning the awful drop rates of summoner pets, but something needs to be done about this, especially while our content delivery speed is on overdrive.

Yeah I hate when that happens, I wish we had it like ffxiv where you’re not immediately kicked from a DC.

I think it has to do more with the fact that its set in like a sort of session: [My basic take on this:]

So- from my point of view when you join a Specific instance of a UQ it has a value of X. And within that value are the variables : A, B , C, D [Respectively, the players themselves] So when that instance starts , That itnstance is on a timer, [The time you are allowed to finish this instance successfully]

Then the ineviteable happens, Player A , Gets discconnected. , Just from this persepctive, I don't think that its possible to rejoin this Instance were you left off, Because it had already progressed forward.

Suffice to say that you will have to start another instance with another string of players : A,B,C,D , in another instance anew.

I would have loved if Sega would have implemented a sort of "memory" of some sort on who was in a session and what their means of disconnecting was (server issues, internet cutting out or blinking, and things along those lines). Games like Warframe and Dragon's Dogma Online are very forgiving in this where if you did have a technical issue the game would typically let you jump right back into the session. Dragon's Dogma Online even has a "disconnected" status in the middle of your adventures where you can see your disconnected allies and their pawns take on a kneeling animation where you know they are currently gone. When they return they get to resume where they left off but if they are gone for too long or if the game's servers were not able to tell that you disconnected from technical issues then you are simply removed from the party (like how Phantasy Star Online 2 currently handles things).

Considering the game's age these are huge quality-of-life changes I would love to see implemented especially with how frequently people seem to be getting Error 630. This was not something new to global players either since you could anticipate this from the Japanese side as well.