Party disband causes lost loot drops

I am getting sick of party leaders leaving/disbanding after a quest especially a UQ before all party members get to pick up their loot. This needs to be remedied as I pay an extra 20k Meseta to try and get rare drops. I suggest that when the party disbands after a quest, UQ, or whatever not everyone is forced out of the map so as not to lose their loot. Just because this is an MMO doesn't mean people are not assholes to other players. There is no reason anyone should have to be thrown out of a run because of it wasting time and Meseta for rare drops. This should be an easy fix to alter the coding so it doesn't throw all party memebers out but instead the party just breaks up and everyone who did not leave yet remains to gather their loot.

When a party leader leaves, nothing happens to the rest of the party. It's only when they disband or abandon quest that the whole party goes with them. I made a topic on this a while back:

The solution to this is typically to pick things up faster.

There are some people that have lag issues that prevent them from being able to pick stuff up faster though.

Sucks for them, then.

No it doesn't suck for them.

Sega should just disallow party disband and quest abandon when a quest is completed since some party leaders can't be trusted with that right. Sega had to remove the kick option when quests were completed in PSU since leaders would kick people before a boss was dead so they could get all the boss loot. To think this would not be a issue in a game now with all personal loot, but players are still selfish.

It's a shame people still find ways to play kindergarten that the devs have to account for.

I think a way to help with people not being able to pick up their loot is to let players set the rarity threshold for auto-loot in case someone wants all of the eggs for leveling up pets, weapons to exchange for excubes or grinders, ect. Also let us auto-loot costumes dropped by Rappies, furniture, disks, usable items, and anything else that might exist they we might want. Then we would just end up having everything we want without worry.

The devs COULD also make use of this...

alt text

For items of a certain rarity or higher to be shoved into up to like 25 of them, and any new items acquired will overwrite the oldest in the storage.

They should expand the auto-loot range at least and allow for more item types, also the rarity setting would be nice.

Besides that, there were times I didn't get full rewards when people reset a UQ before I get to the ranking windows, so those rewards are lost (Score, meseta, Dark-Blast Exp, and collections).

At least when I have party lead, I let everyone else grab their loot and rewards while I resupply on the gateship, then ask if people are ready for another round.

@LazerRay said in Party disband causes lost loot drops:

Besides that, there were times I didn't get full rewards when people reset a UQ before I get to the ranking windows, so those rewards are lost (Score, meseta, Dark-Blast Exp, and collections).

You still get all of that stuff as soon as the quest completes, whether you look at the results window or not.

The reason this is a thing is because this game has had a lot of content where more runs equals more cool stuff. Generally it works as a good thing so someone can restart an urgent quest as its finished. It's a good idea to keep a majorly open inventory during timed content. If you aren't placing a beacon to make your own party this is bound to happen sometimes unfortunately. If they made it so only the leader departed to the next quest or whoever was in campship it would break up a lot of premade parties. on my old pc I would stay in the quest for restart since I didn't want to suffer another loading tunnel. Just try to be a little faster and talk to your party leader, or make the party yourself. You could also note that late episode 6 when bosses are dropping rares like candy missing a few things won't matter as much you could say. Remember to turn on auto pick up rares and materials. When photoner fleet uq gets here expect a lot of fast restarts for maximizing runs

Storage is a huge issue for me, I usually have 10-20 storage slots, and 30-40 inventory slots free. And I want to keep all of that stuff for eventual affixing or selling, don't have premium right now. So picking up stuff at the end of quests can be a bit of an issue. That Temporary Storage suggestion's really good, even better if they dramatically expanded it and stored all drops from the set of UQs so they can be sorted through at the end. At the very least they should have a confirmation window pop up for party members to choose whether or not they want to go with the leader to the next quest or abandon the current quest, like they already do for multiblock quests.

+1 to the general request. As far as I'm concerned player measures to mitigate the risk don't address the basic point that oblivious or malicious leaders have the potential to cause extreme grief. The ability to eject another player from the field entirely is a problem, plain and simple.

For all quest types that allow multiple parties, it is also entirely unnecessary. If you're in an MPA and kick someone from the party, disband the party, abandon the quest, or restart the quest without their acceptance, it should keep them in the game as a solo player. Period.

This would only be difficult to solve on single-party quest types like Advance or one-party Urgent/Trigger quests. Though generally for those the quests aren't in limited windows or have a clear limit of 1, and you assemble the party before starting and know who your party members are, so I feel it's less of an issue there anyway.