Units and augments for bow braver?

I'm quite new to the game and I have been using random units with default augments. Any suggestions?

because you are new you don't need to worry too much of what you are using now, it will only matter when you reach the content that is 75 and higher for units is pretty straight forward use the 12 star units now for the auguments is mostly pp, hp and range because you are using a bow

@Suzuhara-Lulu I agree with James that you shouldn't feel pressured to affix for awhile. And even as you get further along, some of the pre-affixed units you can get from the badge shops or in-game achievements will make it tough to justify investing the money it'd cost to improve on them.

If you're around Lvl 50, I'd probably trade 15 Rising Weapon Badge (RWB) 4s (from Thanksgiving event, mission pass, upcoming Road to Ep 6 event) for RWB1s on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Plaza (1 RWB4 = 8 RWB1). Then trade those RWB1s at that same shop for the pre-affixed 11* Brissa units.

I'd probably skip this paragraph, but as you get to the Lvl 65-70 range you could speed through all the Ep 5 story content (i.e skip all cutscenes and play the missions on Casual) to unlock the pre-affixed 12* Phobos units. If you like story content, you can always use the drop-down menu to go back and watch all scenes as well replay the missions on Hardcore mode (grants Star Gems). After that you could farm Buster Quest Free matches for Buster Medals and trade them in for the pre-affixed 12* Ivlida units (2nd floor of shopping plaza) which you can upgrade to Cleasis units at Zig using materials from the RWB4 shop (Zig is the robot/cast on the1st floor of shopping plaza near Monica/Dudu).

However, if you want to main just one character, I'd skip Phobos/Cleasis and just complete the 12* unit campaign next week. This will give you a pre-affixed Ofze- set which is pretty much Best in Slot for most folks right now. Wearing both the back and arm units grants a set bonus that puts them over the top, so you can technically swap out the legs for something else if you really want. What's extra nice is that the Ofze- set will eventually upgrade into a 13* set and then you won't have to worry about the set bonus because they infuse the bonus into the base stats at that point so you can mix and match however you prefer.

If you really want to try affixing, next reset will introduce an affix boost week (+10% chance of success) as well as remove the meseta cost associated with each affix! With this boost you can upslot your gear to 6 slots with 100% success using a 40% augmentation aid (AA) item (100 Ex-cubes from cube shop on 2nd floor shopping plaza) or 5 slots using a 30% AA (for 30 cubes). Nothing 6-slots will be cheap to make, but something like this wouldn't break the bank:

  • Elegant or Noble Precision
  • Precision 3
  • Tir Di Soul or Alles Di Soul
  • ARKS Fever
  • Sentence Precison
  • Yamato Factor or ARKS Max

You'd buy Elegant/Noble Precision on the player shop, grind a ton of Buster Medals to pick up Sentence Precision and Sentence Receptor from the Buster badge shop, farm PSO2 day for ARKS Fever, run Yamato Triggers for Yamato Factor (but I'd probably go ARKS Max and just get 4 copies of ARKS Fever), and then use the affix assistant to find out all the ways you can make Precision 3 and Tir Di Soul/Alles Di Soul (uses JP names so select Till Di Soul/Ares Di Soul and Shoot 3 instead).

Thank you for the responses!