Did you forget something...? (Road to Ep6 campaign)


EXP Weapon Mini isn't in the Rising Weapon Badge 4 shop. 😕

It might be added with Episode 6, or the next maint. I know we didn't have EXP Weapon Minis in the Photon Drop store until recently.

I hope so. I've been stocking up hard on badges for my Atlas needs but I never got on the huge AQ grind train early on in the game so I don't have a million Photon Boosters for EXP Weapon Minis. I got a lot of stuff to +35 here!

You can solo AQs pretty easily at 80+. You don't need to increase the threat to max to farm boosters. Since they drop no matter what.

@MisterJaySnek You can also exchange astracite for photon boosters and you may have a lot stockpiled from running Tokyo Keys

I had no idea those defunct rocks counted as "astracites" since it wasn't in the name. Amazing!