ARKS League: Don't do this!!

@Milk that sucks, you both should of received the same. Imma have to check up with the guy I tied with then. I stopped at 2055 kills so that 2nd could catch up and he accidently overtook me so I tied it and received 100sg despite being technically second sort of

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I logged in for League tonight but I was super freaking late and placed second.

You don't get placed when the league starts, but when you log in, switch blocks, or check the league standing. So long as you log in with more than 15 minutes remaining (after which you don't get placed in a league at all), you will be placed in the first available league that is not full.

This means you will be placed with other people who have just logged in, switched block etc. with the intention of a reasonably fair contest - if you log in with 20 minutes left, the others in your league will probably have around 19-21 minutes' worth of kills too.

But since everyone knows this and some people want to minimise their participation, for many it is a contest of preparing your class and tree buff just before the league starts, logging out, and logging in with 20-40 minutes left. Since they'll be placed with a league of others who do the same, it's often a contest to see who makes it into Bewitched Woods first - especially if you end up in the same game.

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I'm on ship three and I often get at least the 10SG for doing hardly anything. Must not be a lot of try hards

10 SG is buttons when the top reward is 100. Placing 4th through 10th is pretty easy because for some reason not everyone cares about campaigns or SG so you often end up in leagues with 7-12 people who won't even be killing supernatural enemies.

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Nice! My husband and I tied last time, we didn’t even know you could. Oddly enough even though the board showed we both placed third, he got less SG than I did.

Shouldn't have done. It works like weekly rankings for rare containers, room visits and TA times. A matching score sees you share the rank and get the same rewards. If an alliance of 6 people gets the same kill count and higher than anyone else, they will all be 1st and get 100 SG. The poor soul below them (who has been me before) will be 7th and get 10.

The difficulty with aligning kills is if you're competing to win you're playing Bewitched Woods, and even if you're in the same league and party as someone, whoever loads into the game first will be given extra kills from the MPA. If you are both far enough ahead of 3rd place you can leave with a few minutes left and have whoever is in 2nd kill a few enemies in a private game to balance it out, but in pretty much all of my leagues this week even being in 1st was often not viable.

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a player standing in a different block that has not yet been cleared recently before the current one being slaughter is cleared, the block with one player will not spawn mobs.

That's actually an amazing tip for someone who has a certain victory with a few minutes left and wants to help out the others in the MPA. Probably worth announcing that's what you're doing because a lot of players probably wouldn't understand otherwise (I certainly wouldn't have).


I made it just in the nick of time then! I know there was less than twenty minutes left when I joined. As for the tie, I’m not sure why that happened. It showed on the board we both placed third but I got 30SG and he only got 20SG. We just laughed it off but we found it very odd.

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he only got 20SG

No ARKS League position gives 20 SG though? That is incredibly weird.


No idea, we’ve only tied once so I don’t know if it would happen again. On the board we both had the third place spot, mine above his and we both checked our award at the same time. Could it be a bug?

I'd suggest reviewing it on the StarGemLog file that gets kept if you're on PC, but for me it doesn't seem to have been kept for a while now. Curious.