Put Discord into the game voice chat. Build it into the game.

When this game was released in the NA, in the intro screen you had VIVOX as built in game voice chat.

No one uses it.

No one can hear anyone in parties during the game when they do.

They use discord, because it works for alliances and fellow gamers alike.

So here is my suggestion....

During the next update, you get rid of VIVOX and put Discord as the official voice chat app for Phantasy Star Online 2, and make sure it is built in to New Genesis as well.

Because more gamers would play by doing so.

No one has ever heard of VIVOX here.

I'm sure that everyone here in these forums would agree with me.

Please make this possible.

@Sinventus-0 said in Put Discord into the game voice chat. Build it into the game.:

No one has ever heard of VIVOX here.


I'm pretty sure Overwatch is something a lot of people play.

I know a few games used to use Dolby Axiom, and it sucked pretty badly.

So does TF2's voice systems sometimes, but that's on Valve.

Case in point: Integrated voice solutions are never good, no matter what.

Well, discord is more successful. The only downside, is the difficulty to overlay it during the gameplay. I literally have to switch between programs just to use it. With an overlay on the game with discord, it would be much easier. I used to use the MS Store version, before it came out on steam, and I was able to use the xbox chat. but our alliance uses discord all the time. Most alliances do.

I use the steam version now, with a little help from PSO2 Tweaker. Saving me the trouble of reinstalling the game again.

Discord is more flexible. No one's ever heard of "Overtone" which is VIVOX's software.

If a new gamer that enjoys voice chat, but doesn't have discord, they can easily learn about it, if it was built in the game.

The created voice-chat made in the game, is horrible.

At least discord, with the exception of its overlay, works better.

I would use ingame chat..... if it actually had more options and push to talk. >.<

is not simple as just putting in another voice interface in the game and in order to redo that they gonna need to redo a good chunk of stuff of the game and gonna need to be tested to see if it works, so in the moment is better to just stay the way is now.

Is this going to be something where i have to listen to some kids inane yakking if i join any urgent quest? If yes, then please no. If no, then whatever.

Do you understand how incredibly complex what you're asking is? It's not as simple as them asking Discord to use their voice chat features for PSO2. You're asking way too much out of this hypothetical situation, tbh.