Should there be a way to get Luchs Frieden and other Scion weapon camos after the relevant Social Media event?

I personally think we should be able to purchase Scion Weapon Camos or get them as gifts from the Scion trainer(s) as long as we get the required number of retweets and shares.

I really want more copies of Luchs Frieden and the Phantom and Etoile weapon camos for my alts to use. Even if it cost Ex-Cubes, Photon Spheres, or a chunk of meseta per camo I'd be okay with it. They aren't able to be traded or sold on player shops so I feel like getting them from a special NPC or shop would be okay.

Also, my CASTs are excited for the Etoile CAST set, and my Human and Deuman are gonna love the Phantom's outfit/layer-wear. I only hope the people rolling the scratches for them get enough to keep the prices affordable for my budget self.

They'll most likely be released again, but to get around this, you can use Weapon Transmutation Change Passes to make any weapon of your choice permanently have the camo look. This will cost you a pass per time (and 1 million meseta), but it does mean you don't have to transfer the camo all the time.

These transmutation passes are free now from various titles, Omega Masquerader and will also be handed out in future content such as Dark Falz [Persona] UQ.

Probably will just be reinserted as rewards in future events/campaigns. I have 2 copies of each class camos for Hero, Phantom, Etoile on JP.

Luster is new, so far they came out with 3 different skin camos for Luster weapon - one for Fomel style, one for Baran style, one for Zandi style. Too bad it's 3 separate camos - the current system probably is unable to detect and change camo based on which element your weapon is.

JP has separate weapon camo for each Scion class, as well, called [class name]'s Order which cover that class's weapons and makes them look like the basic photon versions of their weapons.