[SHIP 4] Gunpla Mafia is now recruiting!

Leader: UniMaximal (unimaximal#3883 on Discord)

Alliance Name: Gunpla Mafia

Type: Casual. However, we have finished in the top 10 each ranking period so far. We just finished placing 3rd and it looks like we'll end this month there too! Don't let the ranking fool ya, we're all laid-back and happy to have some fun. Newbies are welcome! We were all there once, let's help you catch up to speed 😄

Active Timezone(s): We are a diverse bunch (NA, SA, EU, SEA, AUS, NZ). Most are EST.

Alliance Requirements: The ideal member is one who talks with others via Discord/in-game chat, is willing to sometimes group up with others, and is kind. All I ask is that each member tries their best to grind out the 4500 AP weekly cap, as it helps us stay in the Top 3 each ranking period! AP allows us to make frequent shop purchases as well. I have some basic rules in place to ensure a kind and family-friendly space.

Alliance Description: The alliance is Level 5 (MAX), has a shop (biweekly purchases), and has storage. Our current base is Pioneer II. We rotate bases monthly and BGM semi-weekly (members can contribute any BGM they have, if they choose to do so).

Photon Tree: All of our buffs are Level 8. Reap the benefits of a maxed-out tree!

We have Casino nights, AQ nights, Urgent Quest grinds (per official schedule), Triggers, Buster Quest runs, Ultimate Quest nights, Challenge Mile nights, and Meseta Farms. We welcome any other ideas presented to us for alliance grouping events. I also run a multi-alliance zone, so members shouldn't have too much trouble finding people on the ship to group with.

Our Discord server has a bunch of custom emoticons, in-depth tutorials, tips, and videos. There is a bot that automatically posts the news and scheduled events.

My Personal Quarters are open to all and you can play Trick Darts there for the "SUPER EXCITING!!" Steam Achievement if you're looking to do so!

NOTE: Space is extremely limited, so please only reach out to me if you're planning on playing the game for longer than a week.


We just finished 2nd place in this last period 😄

hey I'm new to pso2, I've got a lvl 65 summoner. I feel like I'm starting to get a feel for the game running dailies and whatnot now, but still have a ton to learn. I'm hoping to join a alliance with friendly laid back people that can give me some pointers. how do i apply?

Bumping! In 3rd place for this period rn.

Bumping! In 2nd place now!

Bumping! 😄

Bump, recruiting again!

Recruiting again!

Going into heavy recruitment mode! Got a few open spots since some people have decided to stop playing until NGS releases, so let me know if interested! 😄

can i join in your alliance. im not talktive but i can help in dailies, UQ, or anything

Hi me and two of my friends have just started playing the game, we're pretty casual players in NA and usually play in the evenings . I'm wondering if you have space for the 3 of us?

@A1-Blitz Hey there, I don't personally have space for 3 atm, but I can point you in the direction of some cool folks if you are all fine with that instead 😄

@UniMaximal That would be appreciated 🙂 we would all be good with that

Bump! Should have a few open spots in a day or two, currently have one open.