In-Game voice chat issues.

I'm just going to post this in hopes that in future updates, especially in New Genesis to address the issue of in-game voice chat.

Not everyone has Discord, and jumping from discord to the game without a overlay can be a problem.

Especially for new players.

The company that Sega used for built-in the game voice chat, really did a bad job setting it up.

A few times i tried it, I could barely hear anyone on the other end.

So if there's any techs that look at this, please address this issue, hopefully before episode 6 is released.

I have it permanently turned off anyway because...

  1. I don't want random swears. When people join me in Pugs/etc.
  2. Twitch/youtube streaming censoring/strikes due to number 1.
  3. Someone could be suddenly super loud for no reason.
  4. Playing copyrighted music via stereo mix. (I would report you.)

yes, I know I can just turn it off for randoms. But that's all I do anyway, since no one I am "friends" with plays this game, and I don't work well with overly positive people, and thus will usually tend to be blocked by other users and they won't want to play with me.