[Ship 1 / Feoh] Council of ARKS - Need Alliance Members (still)


Hey, this post is mostly identical to my last one, but I didn't want to reuse the same one from months ago.

Hello ARKS, my Player ID Name is Riesz, and I am the leader of the alliance named Council of ARKS (formerly named Mythical), and my main character is named Matoi. My alliance has existed since the PC release of the NA version of PSO2, but I am still in desperate need of applicants.

About my alliance: Just like the Council of Six which my alliance is named after I hope to gather a group of powerful ARKS that help anyone that needs it, even if they are not in our alliance. I hope to form a friendly alliance that people can talk to for anything they need. My alliance logo/flag has been the council of six logo for most of the time it's existed, so I decided to rename it to Council of ARKS. (Though from the compression the symbol art version may just look like a blue maple leaf).

Who can join: Anyone is welcome to join as long as you interact with other ARKS in a positive manner. While the goal of this alliance is to become a mighty group of ARKS that can help anyone with anything, you can join at any skill or power level. I believe anyone can be one of the best ARKS there is, no matter where they start from, I intend to be one of the people to help you get there.

Active members: As of the time I am posting this there is only one active member besides myself that is a member of this alliance and is also my officer, I hope this forum post can help change that.

Typical gaming hours: The hours I am typically online in the alliance are between 9pm EST and 2am EST, I am also online at a less consistent time anywhere between 2 or 3pm EST until around 5pm EST. I hope to find some members that can be online at the same time as me, but as long as you can be online to work together with other alliance members you don't have to be online the same time as me.

My Discord Name and the Alliance Discord: While I am taking any member I can get at the moment until I can find more people I believe should be officers of my alliance you will probably not be accepted until the times listed above. The discord bot Matoi-Chan is on this discord, so any UQs and news from this website will be automatically posted in the appropriate channels.

If you would like to contact me you may pm me through my profile on this website, or DM my discord VerdantCross#5152 you can join my alliance discord in order to be able to do so. You can also apply to the alliance in game, but I will have to send you an invite as well anyway.

Thank you for reading about my alliance, and checking out my video ARKS ops, I hope that my alliance interests you enough to join.

Thanks 😄 , Riesz

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Haven't bumped this for a while so here I go again.

I took a break from running this alliance for a while since I haven't had luck with recruiting. But after other alliances I joined weren't the type of alliance I wanted, I went back to my alliance, so I am looking for active members again, and hope to eventually get alliance members to group up with for things like Divide Quests, Triggers and other similar content. (Oops forgot to fix the discord link in the original post at first).

Riesz you should consider joining us if you are looking for an alliance to run content instead of lobby grinding.

We're currently not openly recruiting but we can always make exceptions for good candidates 👍

@Albedo Sorry, but I want to stay with my alliance, because I like being in complete control of how things go now. This way I know who joins and can keep an eye on how things go myself, and decide what happens with everything.

No worries. Wish you the best though. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with anything though.