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Guess it's time for a bump again, been a few days.

Haven't bumped this for a while so here I go again.

I took a break from running this alliance for a while since I haven't had luck with recruiting. But after other alliances I joined weren't the type of alliance I wanted, I went back to my alliance, so I am looking for active members again, and hope to eventually get alliance members to group up with for things like Divide Quests, Triggers and other similar content. (Oops forgot to fix the discord link in the original post at first).

Riesz you should consider joining us if you are looking for an alliance to run content instead of lobby grinding.

We're currently not openly recruiting but we can always make exceptions for good candidates 👍

@Albedo Sorry, but I want to stay with my alliance, because I like being in complete control of how things go now. This way I know who joins and can keep an eye on how things go myself, and decide what happens with everything.

No worries. Wish you the best though. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with anything though.

Welp, gonna bump this again now with NGS coming. I'm not playing base pso2 atm, but yeah I'll definitely want alliance members when NGS comes out.