Road to / Episode 6

Though they hype it like it's going to be there are the start of episode 6, I'd actually like confirmation for Etoile. The roadmap that we saw earlier this year only indicated Phantom would be there for Episode 6 Part 1. Can any GMs verify?

@GM-Deynger Yeah, would be nice to know if Etoile is coming in this Episode 6 patch, because the roadmap said we wouldn't get it this year.

Yeah I noticed that too. It listed Etoile like we were definitly getting it with the update but the original timeline said we were only getting Episode 6: PART 1 (Phantom) at the end of the year. So either they moved things up and are giving us part two now as well or they are hyping us up for something we won't get yet.

At any rate I'mma watch the livestream on Tuesday. I've never watched a livestream for PSO2 before so I don't know how interactive they are but I expect to find out more info then.

I'd also like to know exactly when Episode 6 is dropping. I'd guess December 22, but there's no official date, and "Road to Episode 6" for one entire month seems kinda silly considering the speed of the update schedule.

It's extremely likely it will be early December around the 8-9 when a lot of the campaigns end. This means the game will end up competing with FFXIV 5.4 and Cyberpunk 2077 though. But this could actually be valuable information SEGA needs to understand demand for PSO2.

If Etoile ends up dropping along with this initial patch some people might be more inclined to play PSO2 over other games due to how Etoile is more solo-focused.

The 23rd has all sorts of issues from a game dev perspective. Dropping it right before a holiday where most of your staff is supposed to be on break or going on break is just not a good move in general.

It's also a maintenance that starts in the middle of Premium PSO2 Day, which will likely be extended (you might ask which one, the launch or the pso2 day -- my response is yes), and yeah, just overall not a good day to launch a new ep.

Etoile seems like a really solid tanky class. I hope it all comes out at the same time. Going based off a couple speculation threads and info from the posts. Road to ep 6 starts on the 25th which puts us getting episode 6 on December 9th.

@Vexation said in Road to / Episode 6:

Etoile seems like a really solid tanky class. I hope it all comes out at the same time. Going based off a couple speculation threads and info from the posts. Road to ep 6 starts on the 25th which puts us getting episode 6 on December 9th.

No, epe6 is on the 23rd of dec. Check the dates more carefully. And Etoile is tanky on its own yes buts its not the tankyist class. That belongs to Hunter with Et sub. You laugh at everything while you facetank everything as a Hunter with full points in Guard Stance tree and Et with Damage Balancer while still having good dmg multipliers to deal punishishment.

This is my ideal Hu/Et tank build from JP. Enjoy being Immortal.

Not sure I’ll even be playing, that’s so close to Christmas. Ah well, I can always play afterwards and find out what you guys think on the forums.

seems the 9th is more likely when we get episode 6 since if you follow the episode 5 road social media campaign 9/16 and the beginning of maintenance on 9/29 rewards were not given out till the 14th of oct and then the episode 6s one between the end of maintenance on 11/25 and the beginning of maintenance on 12/8 then the rewards for it dont come out till 23rd of dec

fingers crossed it is been saving keys for the last month and a half


I feel this. I'll probably just play the minimum to get all the campaigns done. Soon as cyberpunk drops that'll be my main focus and the rest of my games will just be my quick routine and then off of them for the day.


Cyberpunk is almost here my friend! Unless they push it back again, please no. I’ll try to get my logins but no actual play for a minute.

@HarmlessSyan said in Road to / Episode 6:

lmao, Liberate weapon/units called Rivalate but the weapon potential still called Liberated Fang...

I literally choked when I read that name. I don't know how they could name something so wrong like that, but they did rename "Rattan Rappy" to "Lantern Rappy" for the halloween update. Maybe they'll also fix the "Depth # Copleted" back to "Depth # Clear" like it was on JP; this was already literally English, so I don't even.

Rivalate is not wrong though and it's understandable how they came to the conclusion of Rivalate.

In Japanese, リベレ一ト is the word for Liberate. However, the weapon is リバレイト, which is decidedly different, so the translators realised that translating to Liberate would not actually be correct. The weapon name is most certainly based off the word Liberate, but it is not an exact match, and the English translation reflects that.

While I do think Rivalate sounds decidedly worse than Liberate, it is not wrong by any means. There's many issues with the translation, but this is not one of them. Basing your knowledge of the localisation off the fan patch and then criticising it is not a good look.

As for the potential, the potential is not in Katakana (the phonetic alphabet), but rather it's in Kanji: 解放の牙, which translates as Liberation's Fang or something similar.

@Matt That's fair. I mean, we got things like "Ridroids", which didn't even follow how it phonetically sounded in JP "ライドロイド", which is ra-i-do-ro-i-do, or "Rideroid". For several years on JP, I didn't use an English patch, so I had to make my best estimate what names would be in English.