Trailblazer Questions

Phew everything going so fast its been like cram a 4yr degree into 4 months. Still alot Im learning (pretty burnt out too). Couple specific thing Im struggle easily find the answer to if anyone can help:

  1. Inheriting from base items with trailblazer (1 x type you want profound, 4 x any of others). Can you only select the profound as the base, or can you inherit from any of the others instead?

  2. Assuming dont get any super super rare stone drop, how many trailblazer are we able to make eventually?

Many thanks if anyone knows and can help!

  1. You can pick any of the material weapons as the base.

  2. If I recall, right now, only 2; one stone from the Mission Pass and one from running the Persona UQ 50 times. There are a couple more from titles that should come later, though.

There should be a 3rd stone from achieving 650-700 titles. (1300 on JP)

Shouldn't there also be one for +35'ing the trailblazer or the profound weapon? Like the last weapons?

They're gonna have a livestream in Twitch on the 24th. 2pm Pacific time. I imagine they can answer that question directly or it'll be answered when they go over the upcoming stuff.

Some additions to the points made.

I think future mission passes can also include Founder's Amphirite too.

Personally I guess the next season 10 will have Amphirite rather the next Rivalate. Corrected. I never imagined they'll introduce Rivalate series right from the start of episode 6.

The Persona UQ 50 times title should come with the next maintenance, but it will be pretty tough if they didn't adjust the required count. Just imagine how many times we have to defeat it each day with only 2 weeks of UQ pickup term 😢

The title count title will most likely to come with the next maintenance too. I guess the required count will be 700 in global server.

In the future, we will have one title giving the stone for achieving 7.2 mil. cumulative points in the first UQ of EP6, this title will be available once EP6 starts, I guess. Another title gives the stone for achieving 5 mil cumulative points in Divide Quests, which will come somewhere in the EP6 schedule (probably in the part 2).

Aside from these, in JP server, they can exchange 900 Philosopher's Crest (not sure what this will be called in global) for a Founder's Amphirite, once per account. It's not clear whether this crest system will be implemented in global, but if they did, maybe we'd have have this exchange, somewhere in the late EP6.

So in short, we will have 3 in episode 5, from the mission pass season 9, Persona UQ grind and the total title count. And one will likely to come with EP6. Others will be pretty late, I suppose.

@coldreactive said in Trailblazer Questions:

Shouldn't there also be one for +35'ing the trailblazer or the profound weapon? Like the last weapons?

At least JP server doesn't have that.

EDIT: corrected the guess that the next mission pass season 10 will include Amhirite. It should be Key Rivalate.

Thank you so much everyone!

Wow we actually get a few, I thought it might have been just the one, nice.