Other way for Ranger


I'm looking for a guide or advice for a Ranger.

Basicly this topic comes to TRAPS. When i noticed how does trap set-up looks like i've instanlty called it... Bugged? Undeveloped? Anyway, i'd like to find a way for this class without traps in skill tree. Wasted 6 skill points on this garbage.

I will not respect answers like "Traps are good, u simply don't know how to use em". NEVER. I simply can't. Persuading me to use em is next to impossible.

In my opinion (call it an "situational joke") people who does not have any problem with current trap set-up slow as snail animation need mental help.

Hope i didn't insulted anyone. That was not my plan.

Ranger regenerates pp using traps. The trap mechanic is intended to be set up and used as needed to restore pp or debuff enemies. Using Spring and Poison trap roughly take 1 second to place. Calling people who have more experience than you and use traps as they should be as "need mental help" is just rude and unnecessary. You only hinder yourself by not using traps and as a result hinder the team. Traps are essential to Rangers and if you don't want to use them or think that they are bad or they are a buggy mechanic, I suggest you pick up a different class.

@Phantom_Muchen I've ended talking with u on discord, just saying.

I hope someone will post some advice before i will end up with a feeling that this game is poor...

2h later...

Have you ever considered that you might just be bad?


My ranger build. I dislike using traps as well, but the grenades are still pretty useful. I mostly play launcher as well since I have a Yas 4000FJ for dmg and pp gen (like 2.5 autos refills my pp and I have about 180). I prefer to use contact blast, triple shot, or divine launcher for my dmg depending on situation (I also have comso breaker on the bar and photonic laser). Traps are prob needed more if you play more assault rifle, but when you get the SSA 5 that has the effect of the Yas 4000FJ you prob don't need it as much.

Play your class properly.

Traps are just a pp regen tool and a somewhat situational one. I would suggest not avoiding grenades as they are very strong after you get the ex variant. I find traps more useful when you can set them up on immobile targets or you can kite over them. But if you're in a situation where you're sitting at a distance hammering a target its not wise to stop shooting walk up lay a trap and use it as that takes more than a few seconds.

Edit: other than pp regen thier effects suck.