Phantasy Star Evolution

The series has come a long way since the Sega Master system. It has even fared better than some other franchises out there. (For better or for worse.) That said. I would like to hear Everyone's thoughts on the Franchise has developed over the years.

I didn't get to ever play the first Phantasy Star on NES, and only II through whatever is on steam due to it being sega games. I got stuck on the initial quest in Phantasy Star II since it didn't really tell me where to go, and saving in the PC version on steam doesn't work unless you use the save state system in the official emulator program sega gives you. (Meaning you can only do one save at a time for each game.)

As I said in another thread, my first real Phantasy Star game I played was Phantasy Star Portable. I always wanted to play the originals at some point though, and would love to see them remade.