Can I just use Melon?

I don’t like the look of most pets but I’m very fond of Melon and I like being able to throw him. If I had three Melon pets to swap out would that be ok? I am a complete novice at Summoner. 😞

Marron is a different colour to Melon with fairly better stats. Melon has the better colour tho.


That’s a shame, he’s cute too though. Would just using Marron be fine for standard content then if I had multiples of them? I thought people swap out different kinds of pets like people do with weapons so I wasn’t sure.

When im summoner I have 1 Melon and 2 marron equipped as they have a habit of exploding.


Thank you very much! I’ll do just that, they’re so fun! 😍

Just make sure not to blow yourself up.


Wait I can blow myself up!?

I did with Marron once and it left me with 1 hp.

Use melon in quests with damage cap

I'm no expert when it comes to Summoner (I'm still learning) but from what I've read, Melon is not in a good position right now due to the lack of Conversion Roll (converts 4% of the pets defense to attack, which is incredible because Lv. 130 Melon has 5000+ Mel Defense), so it gets outperformed by it counterpart Marron.

Now nothing is stopping you from using Melon, I also like to use it from time to time in diferent situation since it's very sturdy, but you'll probably underperform with it (or at least that's what I think, again, I'm no expert.)


Melon’s trying to kill us! 😧


So Melon does have a place, good to know.


That’s what I was afraid of. I don’t know how far I want to go with Summoner yet as I already have my Bouncer build I main but I don’t want to be a DPS drag either. The one thing that turned me off from Summoner is not enough cute pets. Marron is cute too though so if he was tough enough I’d go with that.

well you can but Melon and Maron have the tendency of blow up after being fully charged if you don't throw then still Melon is pretty useful to use with Synchro

I still need to level up my shiny Melon.

My newness at this class is showing...I don’t know what a shiny melon is, I’m only lvl10

In other news, my kitten really likes watching Melon dance on my screen. Guess Melon has a new fan!

It is just a Melon in a different color. I call it shiny since S is in the eggs name and that differently colored Pokemon are called shiny.