[Ship 1] We Are DivinesSerenity, All Are Welcome, Maxed Level Family Guild. Always Looking For New People!

https://discord.gg/fqhbfTtgQp Come And Join Our Discord! Also Dont Forget To Ask ChaosKingArchnis For A Invite. We Are Divines & Serenity Gaming Community, You Either Unit Or You Shall Fall, We Bring Chaos And Darkness, We Play Together United,We Play To Have Fun And To Rain Down Chaos On The Way!

We are growing and are pretty active from time to time. Some Members Are JP Vets And Are Willing To Help Out. Come And Join Diviines And Serenity Gaming.

We are always still looking for new and returning players!

We are growing pretty great, everyone enjoy the community so far, might as well come and join us! New events coming!