PC/EU/ Mature European Gaming Communtiy Divines Of Serenity!

Divines Of Serenity Mature European Gaming Community. Are you looking for amazing community? Are you looking for a place to call home? Are you looking for a place to settle down and have fun gaming to get away from the real world? Than you are in luck! We are Divines Of Serenity! A European Gaming Community. We host many events, giveaways, and so much more!

What We offer?A place of peace and fun. A Place you can sit back and relax and game to your heart contents! You get your own schedule so that means you get to play whenever you can! Looking for a place that welcomes you regardless of your gender? your race? Or what you want to be? Than you are in the right place as well!

How long have we been around for? Divines Of Serenity has been around since 2014, We have had many years of changes and such to make this community stand out! We dont care for numbers, we care for quality and our members! We are a community dedicated to having fun and enjoying the gaming life together!

What is our goals? Well to have a wonderful community built around fun and enjoyable people, we are here to grow and become one of the best communities to ever been created! We are a community who thrives to have fun and enjoy the gaming life without the negativity, without the drama!

How to join? Discord is for Guild Members only. Contact a recruiter in game or in our forums at https://www.divinesofserenity.com/

We are growing and are pretty active from time to time. Some Members Are JP Vets And Are Willing To Help Out. Come And Join Diviines And Serenity Gaming.

We are always still looking for new and returning players!

We are growing pretty great, everyone enjoy the community so far, might as well come and join us! New events coming!

We no longer let members join without joining the site

Sorry update on discord invite https://discord.gg/6A23XVMAA3

Mature folks only, must be able to follow rules and have fun.

https://www.divinesofserenity.com/ We are rank 5 alliance, to be able to join and join our discord must fill out an application on our site!

https://www.divinesofserenity.com/ Come and join Divines Of Serenity! Active Alliance! Maxed Out! Always Helping New Players!

https://www.divinesofserenity.com/ Come and join divines of serenity!

Archnis#8960 if you rather talk on discord for an invite just add me and we will chat! Before i can invite you to our discord

Archnis#8960 just add me and we will chat! Before i can invite you to our discord

New things happening this year. Divines Of Serenity growing every day with new things and new people to meet!

https://discord.gg/YdBgfhy2bQ Come and join our discord! The link will be public for a while we do plan to close the link when we have gotten enough folks to join! We are mostly looking for EU Folks.

https://discord.gg/YdBgfhy2bQ Come and join our discord! we are also preparing for New Gen!