Blacklist nonexistant on Xbox Version.

So based on this from the guide... a32f2f94-7c15-49e2-accd-c55ac07b4250-image.png

There should be an option to blacklist people however I feel this was just straight lifted from the Japanese PC version's guide. I've been looking all over in-game on how to blacklist but I've only been told that I had to go through peoples' gamercards to mute people and then log in and out. Really?

Whenever I go to select people to potentially blacklist I don't see anything specifically titled "Add to Blocklist" (or Blacklist) I'm just prompted to report people under "Misc" or View Gamercard at the very bottom.

I wasn't able to find anything either but then again I looked for all of 2 minutes.

On Xbox, you have to do it via the Xbox muting system, not the in-game system. PC will be completely different, as we'll be able to use the actual blacklist menu.

@coldreactive I feel the guide should be updated to reflect that, but as it stands It seems it was just copy/pasted and not really properly updated for Xbox and/or future platforms. For the time being I'll keep it as a bug report since that's how I'm interpreting it.

Would be nice to have an in game option to blacklist people on xbox.

Some people spamming SA's is obnoxious.