Are they secretly lowering the droprate to hell after taking down meseta trigger?

Maybe it is just me, but I am getting way fewer drops during triggers and extreme quest today. Ex-cube income on trigger quest is cut in half, despite having +100% triboost and +250% RDR (normally I only have +50% with much better result). A Deus run with <30 Ex-cubes and an EQ run of 50K meseta, something is definitely not right here.

Just tried solo PD and it seems like the drop rate is the same as before.

@OmegaNeo8603 Ty for your feedback, maybe I was having some real unlucky runs then.

You're welcome. I would test the other triggers but PD is the only one I'm very familiar with the drop rate. I don't think they would stealth change them even though they haven't really been that transparent with PSO2's updates/changes.

Drop rates are fine. Did pd trigger last night and got tons of sigmas and deos. Rng was just being bad to you that day.