If i uninstall my pso2 in my pc and transfer it to another pc do i save my progress?

I bought new pc and planning to play pso2 there , i uninstalled it in mg old laptop can i play my same account on different pc?

PSO2 is an online-only MMORPG (IE: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, etc.). All character data is saved server-side. Some options may not transfer between PC (Such as some saved symbol arts.)

@coldreactive thank you, so i will have no problem trasferring my files there

No issues with transferring your symbol arts and saved character looks, there are tutorials in importing/exporting those files.

just a small detail to keep in mind when start in a different pc, PSO2 makes some local files in your machine for some stuff go faster and those files will not exist right away when you enter in the game so when you see things like linking account all that just ignore it and enter in the server to create the local files in the new machine

Also worth noting (though probably obvious), on the off chance you installed through the MS Store, on your new PC you have to continue playing through the MS Store. If you just reinstall via Steam and try to log in, you'll forever be locked out from playing your MS Store chars on Steam. There's a way to link the two accounts, but you have to be aware of it beforehand.

If you're already on steam, then it's all fine.