Questions about casino.

I get the order missions from the npc,i get about 1500 ccs by playing games,but one of them ruin me and now i only have about 250 ccs.

The questions are:

I also get the golden weapon camo for katana,but my wish is to get a Rod and morè ccs from the npc orders,so they will reset everyday and i can get a golden Rod Camo from a random day and get also morè ccs?


Depending on the ship you are on I can tag along to help you get some Casino Coins. You have a number of options that can get you Casino coins to a decent degree of success.

  • Rappy Slots is very cheap with one (1) coin to spin the machine but you can raise this to five (5). When you get four Rappy matches or before you get to five Rappy matches I would recommend that you are spinning the wheel for five coins instead. When you get the "Rappy Chance" you have to time the spin button with the ring like you would for a "Perfect Attack" in normal gameplay. At this point you get five free spins which can net you decent coins. If you really get lucky (or you have the time to spin) you might be able to match three Wild Cards. Upon matching this you will enter "Rappy PSE Burst" mode where you get five free spins and your goal is to get as many Wild Cards as possible. If you manage to get all nine spots to become Wild Cards you will win the Jackpot.

  • Black Nyack is best played in groups because other players can pressure Nyau to bust. In general if you end up with a 10-11 you may want to consider a Double Down. If you end up with a higher value you are risking things so you may want to refrain from betting further and hoping that either Nyau busts. Someone else on the table with you might be able to pressure him into losing. If you end up with very low numbers, you can attempt to draw and pull for five cards to get the "Five Card" bonus. There are special victory conditions (such as five cards without busting) that can stack. The most ideal condition that I can recall is to get 21 (Black Nyack), three special cards, and to be able to pull out five cards.

  • Mesetan Shooter is also a very consistent game to play as you simply shoot Mesetans that show up. If you see Mr. Umbra show up you want to avoid shooting him because he will throw bombs (and get upset) when he gets hit. When you see Nyau show up shooting him will drop a power-up that makes things much easier. This can be played with four players so this is much easier to run in a group.

  • Arkuma Slots is where your gambling will make or break you. It costs 500 Casino Coins to play and you definitely are playing the game to pure chance. I heavily recommend playing up until you can surpass 500 Casino Coins (to break even) and that if you reach the Falz Arms stage to consider leaving if it's too risky. I typically run up to about 1500-2000 coins before I cash out if I don't have a lot to spare but when you do get plenty of coins (or you get really risky) you can try to reach Stage 30. Stage 30 is a guaranteed victory where you get to pick how much you win. My very first time in the Casino got me to win 34,000 coins from this but I have only one this two other times since then.

There are other games as well but I am not well-versed with them as I have not played much of those. But if you can, you may want to consider jumping onto a block with some players on it and join in on some of the games like Black Nyack to get an advantage.

@VanillaLucia i am on the ship 01 feoh,Xbox. Gamertag Xim. Xbox live id Tetele. If you can help me to get 10000 ccs for get the Rod Camo,gonna be splendid.

Edit: do not worry,i am having Luck with the card Game,now i have 2000 ccs and augmenting.

Ah, I am unfortunately on Ship 3 so I will be unable to help you in person. I would suggest going to the more populated blocks in the Block Transfer doors to see if you can find a populated group in the Casino to help. Otherwise you can still participate in everything solo.

@Ximinett Also keep an eye out for Casino Boost days as it makes playing solo easier and you may be more likely to find groups during those times.

Thanks for the help guys and girls,but after a 3/4 day of playing the cards game,i get my wished 10000 ccs and bought the Rod Camo on the shop.