Dumb Question about Starquake Rifle

As most people know about how to make this weapon, it requires 5 different weapons to make. However is the "base" weapon is the "Profound Rifle Ambixion"?

I just want to make sure before I spend millions of meseta trying to get good augments on it. If not what would be it's base weapon?

You should be able to choose which of the 5 you use as the base weapon.

The LS (Trialblazer) series progression is: Profound > Starquake > Trailblazer.

So yes, the Profound rifle is the starting weapon for the series. Which, you'll have to farm the omega DF series to upgrade to Starquake though.

@SeriPSO2 Thanks, I actually got one amazingly so I'm all set for farming the stones when they are released. Pretty excited to make this beast for my (when it is released) Phantom.

@SeriPSO2 I think that's separate from the question they're asking. They're asking about "base" weapon in regards to affix transferring, so that they don't waste time augmenting the wrong weapon, not what weapon's at the earliest part of the chain.

When you get a weapon from a shop that requires you to trade in multiple +35 weapons for it (like Starquake or Atlas EX), there'll be an extra step in the trade-in process that asks which weapon you want to transfer the augments/etc from. So you can slam your big augments on your Profound weapon, or your Detonation weapon, or your Claudium, etc, it doesn't actually matter which one, just make sure it's the one you choose in the augment transfer step when making the Starquake.

Although, it's probably better to set up the augments on the Profound than one of the other weaps anyway, because Profound has S1/2/3 slots like Starquake, where some of the others only have S3s. So if you put the augments on something other than the Profound, you'll have to add your S1/2 abilities afterwards (but that's not a huge issue because transferring an S augment is pretty easy).

@Akonyl ???

To my interpretation, they already have the profound weapon. They're trying to confirm whether or not "Profound Rifle Ambixion" is the starting weapon. Otherwise they wouldn't be mentioning of Starquake series and the idea of augmenting it after all, so that they don't waste meseta starting on the wrong one.

Though @Jman I forgot to mention that when you go and click on the exchange, the exchange menu should have told them what Profound series weapon that's needed to enable it.

You're emphasizing on the process in which Satori already mentioned in when you're actually doing the exchange. But I don't believe that's what the OP is even asking. Though it definitely helps since the process of upgrading to Trialblazer series is the same as when you make any progressive endgame anyways. By using the actual weapon for that series as it has SSA slots and affix it, and have it as the main item for exchange.

@SeriPSO2 It sounds to me like they haven't made a weapon before that requires 2 separate weapons before, and just aren't aware of how the game "chooses" which ones is the one it pulls augments from (which it doesn't, since you get to pick). So he wants to avoid a situation where he, for example, puts all the augments he wants on the Profound weapon, and then during the upgrade the game says "oh, Starquake pulls the augments from the Claudium weapon", or vice-versa, tossing out the augments he spent time on in favor of the junk ones he wasn't paying attention to.

It sounds like your interpretation is that they don't know whether "Profound Rifle Ambixion" is the specific Profound weapon involved in the upgrade at all or not, but from how I read it it sounds like Jman knows which 5 weapons are combined into the Starquake rifle, but is asking which of those five the game considers the "base". Could be wrong though.

Thanks for all the info, I'm just going to play it safe and just augment my Profound Rifle.

I'm planing the Trailblazer series Ranger weapons myself, the information here is going to help a lot while I farm the supplies I need to make all the weapons I need for the build and hunting down the Augment Factors and S-Grades I will use in the final result.